[HEALTH] The Making of...... my Big Foot

I went out on Wednesday 20th November, twice in 2 weeks this chemo cycle (one chemo cycle = 30 days). The first time I did was on 15th November, I had a shooting for a secret project not a secret anymore, The Influencer, which started as early as 9am until 6pm and I went for an event later that night. That was on day 9th or so of my chemo cycle.

Wow Ami really? How strong you are girl blablablabla..

Probably not the best thing to do when you're in a chemo cycle, any doctor or oncologist would've strapped me to the bed to avoid from me getting myself busy. I came back home that night around 11pm feeling exhausted beyond my wits, multiple red dots on my legs and some on my thighs. A few bruises (in old school Malay believe they would say "kena gigit hantu") propped on my legs and thighs here and there. Woke up in the morning with a long piece of darah beku inside my mouth on my right cheek. That was the weirdest thing ever. But I know those were signs indicating I have low platelet counts.

I know I have overworked myself. 

I stayed in and did some blogging jobs while on bed and in the living room, some might wonder why I still do what I do but man seriously this is my income. Who's gonna pay my bills if I don't? I know Naz work hard enough to cover everything but I don't feel good not pitching in on anything especially since I'm the one who wants to buy all the organic produce, health pills, supplements and medications. 

And 5 days later which was on Wednesday 15th Nov I felt good enough to attend an event, but opportunities and invitations came knocking last minute and all of them were only a few steps apart from each other. I couldn't possibly say no. End up I attended four events. I felt good that morning. I dressed up (had to start with something formal for a corporate event but that didn't stop me), put on a red lippie and slip my feet into a pair of flats to avoid major exhaustion by the end of the day.
Had to put on some gold, I mean come on I'm a lil diva fashionista ain't I? ;)

Dato' Chef Fazley Yaakob was demonstrating some quick healthy recipes using latest Panasonic appliances. I'll share more on that in a blogpost later. Did you know, he said he lost 20kg after MasterChef Celebrity just by learning how to cook high protein, low fat meals. That seriously blows everyone's minds, from 90kg to 70kg yaw!

Anyways after the Panasonic event, we had lunch courtesy of JW Marriot and Panasonic. I love the selection from their buffet, I had some fruits, corn soup and loads of veggies!
Looks super yummy I wish I have the energy to re-create this right now!

Afterwards I enjoyed my time at Islamic Fashion Festival, a last minute invite from dear friend / fashion designer Rico Rinaldi. The show started about an hour late and since me & Lin were already early we walked around the bazaar and probably my luck for the day has run out because somehow somebody out of nowhere reversed when I walked behind him and he stepped on my right foot. I know it probably meant nothing to normal people with normal health but mind you I was in my day 15 of chemo cycle and my platelet count is already low. Last check up on 11th Nov revealed my platelet was 33 (normal 150+), God knows how low mine is already now. I didn't have the energy to fight with the guy and I knew he didn't mean it but bloody hell it was painful and grew much worst by the minute. My skin was scratched, blood came out and slowly I can see my feet grew two size bigger than it was. I was slightly worried because the whole upper foot felt numb, I was also in fear of infection. I cleaned up feet with a sanitary wipe and rubbed on an all natural First Aid Salve I brought.

Luckily the whole fashion show we were seated comfortably and was even served 3 course high tea meals. One thing I was disappointed about IFF2013 was the way the runway stage was placed. It was horizontally placed in line with the width of the ballroom at one side, which only means the people sitting in front of the stage gets the best view and other people in the back can sit back and watch the screens. One odd thing was that there were no one at the media/guest registration table so we basically just sit anywhere, I mean come on surely you took our names for a reason right? Basically I wished I had a closer view of the stage so that I can take better photos like last year. Sadly, even zooming in the pictures didn't turn out good. This is the best and my favorite design from Rico ♥
With Lin & Rico Rinaldi, my favorite local fashion designer ♥

With Auntie Kunumz (Yuna's mom), friendly & sweet as always ♥

One of the highlight of my day was when Megat Alfie, co-founder of fashionable brand Syaiful Baharim came to say hello to me and gave me his card. I mean you guys!! It's Syaiful Baharim who have dressed a whole lot of our local celebrities :D

After Islamic Fashion Festival finished, we walked to the other side of the road to Pavillion and attended a special world-wide pre-launching of Meadham Kirchoff x Topshop collection.
Visit Topshop near you to check out the Meadham Kirchoff x Topshop collection, let me know which one do you like :)

Afterwards, we went to Longchamp - there was a launching party which also coincides with IFF so I didn't get to attend. Anyways, these S/S '14 collection will be available starting 7th December! Lock your date ladies:

Although this one is not from SS '14 collection but it definitely made my heart melts ♥

Jenahara Jakarta scarf / Diva necklace / Levi's jacket / H&M pants / @kasutkuuu insta-shop cat flats / bag LONGCHAMP I got from here. I call this my 'bag-nak-lari-rumah', okay now you know I need to get bags that are more proportionate with my petite body size. Consider gifting me the cute Longchamp bag above? XD

And last but not least, although I limped my way half the day but I had a lot of fun. If no one stepped on my foot, everything would've been perfect, grrrrr........
As you can see here and the photo above, my right foot has swelled up and it actually bled after the guy stepped on it. Being majorly low on platelets (which help to clot blood and stop bleeding), my foot became Big Foot within a few hours. It was painful and when I told my doctor friend she said I better rush myself to the hospital because I said I felt numbness and she was worried there would be nerves problem.

Well I was more worried about being warded lol! I didn't go to the hospital that night, endured another day till the pain became way too unbearable I even had to crawl my way to the kitchen at one point, fill up a basket full with foods and sorta push it to the living room - where this Big Foot zombie resides during day time (Place I do my work while watching TV, I know.. Productive righttt?)

I went to a clinic nearby our house on Friday night and the doctor gave me Ibuprofen (painkiller), a med to reduce swelling and an ointment to rub on my foot. It didn't work, the painkiller work though but turns out my haematologist Dr Ong said Ibuprofen & Ponstan messes up with my platelet. Damns!

On Monday 25th November, I have an appointment at Haematology Clinic, Hospital Ampang. I had to be on wheelchair because I couldn't limp walk very long, it was all too crazy painful!

TO BE CONTINUED...................

p/s: Present time, I can already walk slightly properly and stand a whole lot longer. Alhamdulillah ♥

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