[LIFESTYLE] Panasonic Cooking - Opens Up Possibilities

"Panasonic Cooking, Opens Up Possibilities"
On 20th November 2013, Panasonic Malaysia has launched a new communication campaign Panasonic Cooking, Opens Up Possibilities for its wide range of Kitchen Appliance products offering a delightful culinary experience. Panasonic Cooking comprises of kitchen appliances used during food preparation and cooking process to whip up a wide array of food choices.

Dato' Chef Fazley Yaakob did a cooking demonstration of quick, healthy recipes using Panasonic Kitchen Appliances. He claimed he lost 20kg from 90kg to 70kg by learning to cook right - high protein & low fat meals using these appliances right after he won MasterChef Selebrity Season 1.

As seen in the video commercial above, the new spokesperson for Panasonic Cooking who is also the winner for MasterChef Celebrity, Dato' Chef Fazley Yaakob shows that Panasonic Cooking aims to provide a sense of enjoyment and create firm bonds among loved ones. Simply achieved through 3 key words:


Panasonic aims to CONNECT family ties through HEALTHY eating habits, using Panasonic Cooking products to CREATE mouth watering dishes. Being the trend setter for the Kitchen Appliances industry, Panasonic is proud to be the only brand that carries this wide range of cooking appliances suitable for all level of expertise. Cooking is made easier for all Malaysians who lead fast and busy lifestyles, yet enjoy well-prepared meals with their loved ones.

Panasonic has launched a completely new and refreshing concept for the kitchen appliances series, fondly known as Panasonic Cooking with several new additions like Espresso Machine, Wide Tube Juicer, Hand Blender and Kettle to the current strong line up eg. Microwave Oven, Induction Heater Cooktop, Rice Cooker and Blender. 

Personal favorite:

Double Heater Oven - compact & easy. Fits into small spaces, delivers a large performance.

With Microwave Oven NN-SV30, Dato' Chef Fazley Yaakob showed how easy it is to roast a chicken and clean up the oven afterwards at a touch of a button!

"Panasonic has always been the market leader in the Kitchen Appliances category, commanding high market share for key Appliance products like Microwave Oven at 52%, Rice Cooker at 48% and other small appliances at an average of 34%. As a total Kitchen Appliances category, Panasonic Malaysia is aiming to achieve a market leadership of 37% for 2013. We will continue to introduce new stunning lineup of appliances for all kitchen enthusiasts who has great desire for enigmatic and intelligent design, without compromising on quality and functionality" said Cheng Chee Chung, Deputy Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia.

With the launching, Panasonic aims to Enrich the Life of Malaysian families, with the Panasonic Cooking range which Opens up Possibilities to Connect for closer and richer ties, to cultivate Healthy eating lifestyles and to Create new and exciting dishes. Panasonic Cooking wants to bring enjoyment and fulfilment to every household in Malaysia, moving closer to their brand slogan:

"A Better Life, A Better World"

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