[LIFESTYLE] Casio Exilim TR15 aka Awesome Cam!

Not a very long time ago (though it kinda feels like it), I was offered this new camera from Casio. I've actually never heard of such thing. What? A camera? I only know the existence of the brand's cool urban retro watches, one which I still love and adore; a Casio gold calculator watch Naz bought for me from Japan. But of course I jump to the opportunity of getting know a Casio camera, especially after looking it up on the intehwebz and found this awesome and cool video of it:
Nice huh?!

Also available in Pink & White, urgh really wished I had chosen White if not Pink but I settled for Black that night.

Me & the girls with our camera ♥

I'm pretty sure you've seen the photos my precious Casio Exilim TR15 has caught in this blog haven't you? If I looked to good to be true, yeah that's the one! LOL, no I mean seriously one of this camera's speciality that every little vain diva will love is the MAKEUP MODE!

Here are some photos I took that night, albeit clumsily trying to learn my skills around it heh >.<
Notice my ever so soften, brighter & almost flawless face? Now I have to credit the Casio Exilim TR15 for that. It completely changed my drabby tired looking face into something, and I mean something! I mean in comparison to the pics in the above set which was taken by Casio's own event photographer here.

Here's me trying on some Casio Baby-G Girl's Generation watch, you've probably seen the watch I chose here. By the way this is a self-portrait aka a "selfie" where I took the picture by myself but not to worries because the lens can easily be twisted around to face you therefore the camera lens which is used for back or front photo are infinitely the same quality, plus I'm loving the wide 21mm angle lens which makes my photos a lot longer & wider compared to my iPhone. A group photo selfie is made so much possible with this!

Alrighty, I'll story you more on this fav cam of mine sometime soon! To find out more info about it, visit these sites:


Fyi, here's what I wore that night. It was already late and I had a very long day so excuse my tired almost sleepy face hehe
MAGLifeStyle crumple shawl / Ammara Hijabi cape / Primark mint textured pants gift from Eyqasulaiman / long necklace gift from Lin ♥

Stay tuned for more info on Casio Exilim TR15!

p/s: if you've been following me on instagram, I'll blog about my health issue in a bit. Gotta get some work done while I still can :)

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