[LIFESTYLE] ASTRO Exclusive Previews!

Did you know that ASTRO has given exclusive previews of 12 HD and 2 SD channels, plus access to ASTRO-ON-TO-GO at no additional cost from now till 15 Feb 2014?

 I immediately downloaded ASTRO ON-THE-GO on my iPad Mini and checked out all the available channels!
Nobody knows this except for my dorm-mates in uni (uni times seems like eons ago), but I used to get hooked on watching Korean drama during my free time in uni. As time passes by, I eventually got over it plus no one in my family is into Korean drama except my lil sister-in-law who's in Sarawak. Since my spouse is not into it, we didn't subscribe to One SD channel on Astro. But once I heard about the exclusive previews given by Astro, I immediately tried opening the channel One SD on my iPad mini. I was beyond ecstatic to find out I'm able to watch it at my own convenience and at my own personal space as well. Don't need to fight the remote with Naz this time, coz I know Korean drama is not his thing. I can safely cry *cough* or laugh on my own at these cute melo-dramatic Koreans ♥
Disney XD and FOOD Network Asia is also on ASTRO OnTheGo! Weehoooo, I love watching the occasional cartoons, but ultimately addicted to cooking & food channels. Just simply can't have enough of them. Usually, when I'm on the run I always carry around my iPad and with this I can watch my favorite shows thanks to ASTRO while I'm commuting ♥
Thanks Rachel Ray, will keep that in mind. Hehe..
Apart from cooking channels, I also love watching AXN. So grateful that ASTRO decides to include AXN HD as part of this exclusive preview programmes coz certainly there's nothing more exciting than to be able to watch all the crime site on CSI at glaringly high definition heh heh heh..
Since I'm home a lot nursing my health, might as well catch up on FOX FAMILY MOVIES too!
Toodles, gonna get me some TV time now.
Don't miss out, check out these exclusive preview channels on ASTRO today!
If you're not an ASTRO subscriber, what are you waiting for? ;)

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