Moments in Smart Luxury by Gc

On 8th November, the celebrated Swiss watch brand GC Watches capped off 2012 with an aspirational spin through the unveiling of its inspirational creative project, Moments of Smart Luxury Captured by Gc. 

The event presented the four rising stars that were chosen to represent the campaign: Actor Remy Ishak, Fashion Designer Khoon Hooi, Musical Composer and Director Lee Sze Wan and Fashion Entrepreneur Izrin Iz.

Remy Ishak being interviewed by host Deborah Henry on his thoughts of being chosen as one of the campaign star and what's its like working with Pino Gomes, famed New York based Brazillian photographer who captured the essence of smart luxury through candid pictures. Remy said he was nervous at first but Pino talked to him and calmed his nerve.

Remy Ishak chose Gc Sport Class XXL as a statement of Enigmatic Power

"My personal Smart Luxury moment is when my acting gains recognition from the audience and fans as it gives me a sense of satisfaction that I've succeeded to immerse fully into my role" - Remy Ishak

Izrin Iz, is a fashion entrepreneur who  started off in 2004 as a small business selling batik fabric in flea markets & has been credited for championing the use of local batik fabric as contemporary design through her own label INNAI. That night, Izrin debut an exclusively commissioned batik print inspired by Gc timepieces and it was designed  into an elegant Cheongsam worn by a the model above. 

Gc Femme, a statement of Female Empowerment.

"My Smart Luxury moment would have been when my mother handed down the business to me, the opportunity that she gave me which is the spark that leads to everything I have achieved now" - Izrin Iz

Khoon Hooi, Fashion Designer presented the dress he designed which was worn by the hostess herself, Deborah Henry.  Lee Khoon Hooi is a multi award-winning fashion designer who appeared on the KL fashion scene like a breath of fresh air. His designs have a romantic appeal with an avant-garde unstructured edge that set his collections apart, as can be seen on Deborah. 

Khoon Hooi chose the Classisa Automatic as a statement of Classic Vintage. Despite his love for modern edgy designs on his work, this watch has both contemporary appeal & distinct style which combines a classic yet contemporary design with a vintage style elements. 

"Fashion is now my life, part of my world. Every collection that I've designed and completed and seeing it being featured in shows & receiving rave reviews and feedback from buyers and the media is my Smart Luxury moment" - Khoon Hooi

Lee Sze Wan is an upcoming musical composer & director with an extensive experience in the world of musical theatre. Sze Wan has worked in musical productions such as Les Miserables, Miss Saigon during her time in New York after graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston. Locally, Sze Wan has also worked such as P. Ramlee & Putri Gunung Ledang. Gc Sport Class XL-S Glam is the apt choice for Sze Wan as a statement of Scintillating Charm.

"Working with international artists & musical productions, getting recognition & appreciation of my work is definitely my very own Smart Luxury moment" - Lee Sze Wan

Guests of the evening were serenaded by our own renowned jazz singer, Atilia while they mingled with Gc Moments of Smart Luxury Rising Stars.

Remy Ishak, who graciously spared some of his time to chat with me & my friends during the event. Between you & me, he was such a gentleman! Pledged to be his new instagram follower that night for being such a charmer.

The gorgeous Deborah Henry looking super stunning as ever, met her for the first time here.

Jazz superstar Atilia Haron, who followed me on instagram later that night. Made my do a lil jiggy in my pj's! 

Me & the girls, Aishah, Yani & Kish ♥

Monochrome girls ♥

Having a laugh with Remy Ishak surely made my night, yes best to say I was indeed Remy-strucked.

Instant turban (no fuss needed just slip it on), courtesy of ILHAM ECHENTA
Necklace H&M
Heels from Guess
& my beloved Prada Saffiano ♥

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