WIWT: FashionValet + Minz

WHAT i WORE TODAY: Chiffon Silk leopard print scarf from Shop SputnikSweetheart | Inner turban from Sugarscarf | {Chloe-esque} bow sleeved top from Old Blossom Box | Leopard print belt from Oh Popsicles | Swing chiffon skirt from Shop SputnikSweetheart | Miu Miu inspired pumps | Elephant brooch from Japan | Leopard fur embellished bag from Nine West | Ring set from Shop SputnikSweetheart |

So last week I got an exciting email from Vivy Yusof of, inviting me for this exclusive + Minz Tea Party. Obviously I agreed to it I mean come on it's VIVVY! And FashionValet! And Minz! Also, free food and a chance to take a look at Minz collection up close & personal. I'm holding the crown shaped invitation card with a Minz gold colored chain attached to it, I'm tempted to snap it off the crown but no need! We got a Minz necklace in the goodie bag (will take picture of that later), yay!

We arrived un-fashionably late because Diana had to work in the morning and got held up, drove all the way from Melawati to Bangi to pick me up and then I forgot to insert the camera's memory card and we turned back, luckily I realized my error when she was pumping gas in my area. Quite an embarrassing moment to came in from the back door of T Forty Two when the runway show almost ended with people staring & no seats available -_- But! I did get to take nice photos still hehehe
What: A fashion tea party celebrating a collaboration of Fashion Valet + Minz
Where: T Forty Two, Bangsar Village 2.
When: 29th March 2011, 3pm-5pm.

The fashion show was hosted by Miss Universe Malaysia 2011, Deborah Henry & model/entrepreneur Stephanie Chai. So gorgeous I almost fainted! I always watch Bella @ NTV7 whenever I have time (won a Sothys make-up set from Bella once!) so I'm used to seeing Deborah Henry on the screen, couldn't believe that yesterday I get to touch her & hug her a bit.. EEEEK! Sorry for being ultra creepy Deborah & Stephanie, I'm just yet another excited fan ♥
With Vivy Yusof, famous blogger of & fashion enterpreneur of Fashion Valet. She also works as a contractor at her father's construction company. A law graduate doing multiple things at the age of 24 years old. Inspired? You best be! :)

On every event that we go together people would ask whether are we sisters, if it is true Diana probably has all the pan-asian beauty from 'Mom' & 'Dad' and I get the tanned big nosed look. LOL!
Sue Ann Chong, Managing Director of TiC. Glad to know ur safe & sound Susu! | Joyce of KinkyBlueFairy ♥ It's been awhile since we last met and Joyce you still maintain cute so tadehal lah!

And the my biggest highlight of the evening! I was super shocked and touched when Vivy called me up and told me her mom wants to meet me and she's a big fan of my blog! My jaw literally dropped to the floor if it could and I went to Vivy's mom, Madam Aishah and salam-ed her with all smiles on my face. Still can't wipe off those grins since yesterday. Shout out to you Madam, you rock my world :D Thank you so much for reading my blog and for having me yesterday ♥ /cries
*move over Vivy :p*
Can I be your daughter tooooooo? Haha look at me like seriously I still can't believe myself XD

Believe me when I say I have a large grin plastered on my face till this very moment, ahh the most unexpected moment yeah. I bet Vivy is super annoyed at me right now haha sorry V! Anyways we went to Cat's Whiskers afterwards and I bought a dark purple harem pants at 50% off and I treated Diana for dinner at Nirwana. Delicious!

On our way home;
Tried on Diana's handmade headband, she sells these and a whole lot more, this one reminds me much of Salvatore Ferragamo signature ribbon. Diana can also custom made your order, and her price is the cheapest I've seen thus far! ;)

All in all, I had fun ♥
p/s: The rest of the pictures { here } .


  1. gorrrgeousnye ami!!!! i freakin love your top!<3

  2. wow..u r so Gorgeous !! that's all i can say *speechless* :)

  3. head to toe - top notch outfit!

  4. U really r prettier by the minute. Love this one so much, very Chanel-y! :)

  5. So so pretty Ami. Cantik sangat. You're getting prettier and prettier and prettier.

    Bestnya pergi event itu ini. Thanks for sharing!

  6. sis ami!! cantek sgt2..nampak sweet, as always =))

  7. sis ami!! cantek sgt2..nampak sweet, as always =))

  8. your lipstick,make up n ctc lense suit u very well ;) love it!

  9. you looked stunning!!!

    xoxo from rome

    (there's a GIVE-AWAY)

  10. Love the leopard print of the scarf!


  11. ami u look gorgeous! love your make-up :)

  12. love your style ..wish i can have too leopard print belt so cantik ..always inspired to myself .. :)

  13. kak ami!!

    seronok nya dpt jumpa vivy!!
    *shout 1000x*

    ps: yes2! i do love ur headband too XD

  14. i want the ring.. and leopard shawl. want..want..want

  15. ami.i love evrything on and vivy too.her blog, her outfit evrything.hee

  16. First time I comment disini.

    You absolutely beautiful.You totally looks different here.

    Take care dear.

  17. lovin the top! MashaAllah... ur gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! seriously, this outfit as a whole looks amazing on you! sophisticated and elegant too! suke!!! hehe..

  18. ami,u r so lucky!! :-)
    love ur outfit from top to toe


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