FOOD: Eyuzu @ Eastin Hotel, PJ

Earlier this month, I chanced upon being invited to Eastin Hotel in PJ to Eyuzu Japanese Restaurant. Mann, I didn't even know that there was a Japanese restaurant in there! Actually Eastin Hotel, PJ is situated quite near to One Utama Shopping Complex, only a few minutes drive (provided that traffic is good hehe)

Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya.
Situated between two of Malaysia’s most bustling commercial hubs, Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya boasts excellent access to numerous business centres via its strategic location on the SPRINT highway. Neighbouring thriving residential communities like Phileo Damansara, SS2, TTDI, and Damansara Uptown, Eastin Hotel can be reached via a network of major expressways. It is also just a 15-minute short drive away from KL Sentral interchange terminal for trains, coaches and the LRT. For retail therapy and entertainment, hop on our free daily shuttle service to major shopping malls nearby. Business or pleasure, Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya is where the action gets central.

And Eyuzu Restaurant is situated on the 1st Floor, easy to get by with lifts or climb a flight of stairs.

Let's get on with the food aye? Personally I'm a huge fan of sushi & what a delight to be served this. I'm not big on sashimi (so was Naz), as I'm afraid if it would taste too fishy. Well we were served with assorted raw fish including tuna, salmon, sea bass & raw squids. Surprisingly they tasted so good! GUARANTEED FRESH SASHIMI at Eyuzu ♥
Price start from RM95++ for sashimi and RM40++ for Eyuzu Maki
The Maki Sushi (Soft Shell Crab Sushi) was crunchy & yummy as well. I'm feeling hungry now oh boy...

RM13++ per cup
Naz's favorite, most usual restaurants wouldn't put much ingredients in their Mushi but at Eyuzu's it was filled with assortments of 'treasures' such as chicken slices, mushrooms, prawns and a few veggie leaves. Certainly fulfilling for an egg custard!

RM 26++ per Bowl
The usual Miso soup I've tried have always tasted the same and has nothing special in it, fine I'm no processional food blogger so I've probably have not been to the crème de la crème. So this tops it all! It tasted so so goooood, heavenly is the word! No fishy taste at all, top notch fresh ingredients were used I assume. And the Salmon Head they gave actually have loads of flesh on it, one would think it's just sculls & bones but nay, you can still enjoy the sweetness of Salmon and yep I'm a total Salmon lovin' girl right here.

Price starts from RM46++ per serving for Ebi Tempure (Prawns), RM30++ per serving for Kisu Tempura (Silver Whiting) and RM20++ per serving for Yasai Tempura (Assorted Vegetables)
Less oily and delicious! I love dipping my tempura with extra soy sauce & white raddish :)

Price starts from RM55++ for Unagi Kabayaki per serving and RM30++ for Saba Shioyaki per serving
Grilled Eel tasted sweet & soft whilst Grilled Mackerel tasted crunchy yummy & salty goodness, the Mackerel is my favorite! Wish we could have more to bring home haha ♥

Teppanyaki Grilled Beef Roll with Enoki Mushroom (RM 48++) and White Tuna (RM55++) and Mix Mushroom in Garlic-Butter Sauce (RM 40++)
Personally I love love love the Enoki Mushroom, how can something so small tasted so good?? Basically with fresh ingredients & skilful cooking techniques from the Chefs at Eyuzu, I guaranteed this will be satisfactory for your taste buds.

Price starts from RM20++ per portion per serving
Okonomiyaki is known to be the Japanese Pizza where by if in Tokyo, you can whatever ingredients you want to put in/on your pancake aka pizza. For Eyuzu, the base is full of assortments of veggie added with slices of chicken & topped with seafood. Yum yum indeed, whilst my tummy can only take one bite of this delicious Japanese Pizza coz I'm already full after all the above :( Naz however took 2/3 slices just for himself. Definitely his favorite dish of the night.

Preparation of Okonomiyaki at Eyuzu's open kitchen area:
Fresh chopped mix veggie!
Super jam packed with ingredients :O

Price starts from RM12++ per serving
Finally, the dessert came! Daazato sounds like Lazat! Which means delicious in Malay.. Hahahaha oh how cheesy green of me -_-" Love the Macha (Green Tea) Ice Cream here because it wasn't too sweet and wasn't too bitter either. Tasted just nice and the add on of Red Bean paste just complements it.

Let's take a walk around the premise?
I'm wearing instant turban from ILHAMECHENTA / Baroque silk top & chiffon jacket from COVETZ / Bag from SOMETIME (wanna win the same bag? enter here) / Levi's Boot Cut Jeans / H&M necklace

Lovely & clean spacious area suitable for a family dinner, reunion & even birthday events!

Me & all the other bloggers & food reviewers, was so nice to make new friends over Japanese food especially ♥

For reservations & more info on any ongoing promotions just give a call to the number below, don't forget to invite me for your next makan2 sesh! Hihi :P
Eyuzu Japanese Cusine
Level 2, Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya
03-7628 7368

Daily Operation Hours:
Lunch : 12.00 noon – 2.30pm Dinner : 6.30pm – 10.30pm

Saturdays & Sundays : Shumatsu Buffet Dinner from 6.30pm -10.00pm


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