EVENT: Mercedes Benz NZ Wheels Bloggers Experience

The day that I received the email invite from Afifah for a 5stars service ride with the brand new Mercedes Benz B-Class & also Merc C-Class, I nearly squealed! I wanted to go with Naz but he couldn't take a leave from work (boohoooo!) so I made Shea tag along hehehehehe, mainly because I can't drive and even if I could I don't know if I wanna test drive a brand new Merc. I'm essentially intimidated but my fear shouldn't make you feel afraid to take these babies for a ride, I mean if you were me you would snap up that chance in a heartbeat right?!

The day started with us meeting up at Citta Mall for breakfast. Initially planned for WonderMilk Cafe but apparently we were too early! Haha so we settled for Figaro Cafe ♥

Well at that moment I care not about my food because I was way too excited testing the FUJIFILM X10 that was handed to us for the day. Wished it was a week though :(
Love the small and light figure of the camera, it's actually even lighter than my own GF1. Love the retro design which is similar to the popular Leica camera. 

Lumix GF3 / FujiFilm X10 / Lumix GF1

An interesting function for this camera is that there's no ON/OFF button like the normal camera has. I was pretty dumbfounded on how to turn ON the camera until the FUJIFILM rep showed us. Super easy, just twist the lens front, and from there you can control the zoom function as well. Which is lacking in my GF1 because it doesn't have any zoom function, I need to set one setting for zoom and change to that setting to zoom. Which is one downer part of GF1. Plus in the short time I used the camera, I find that it focuses a lot faster compared to GF1! While GF1 might take a few seconds to focus but X10 takes half that time, a very good thing especially if you wanna take a quick shot. 

A candid shot of me simultaneously drinking my chocolate shake whilst trying to master the X10 within the short time before we were whisked away to the next destination.

Another amazing feature is that X10 has a super macro function, you can take a photo as close as 1cm and the photo turned out crisp! Compared to GF1, well can't take that close or it'll be all blurry. Hmmm I do love making my readers drool by taking macro shots of food... Something to be considered since the price for X10 is under RM2k! 

One of the special advanced settings. It also can be done in RED / BLUE. There are a lot of special filters for the ADVANCED SETTINGS but I didn't get to try them all. That would call for another specific post just for that if I'm given the chance to *blink blink pussy boots eyes, may I pwetty pweaaaaseeee have them for longer timee
Oh btw you can read more about X10 specs over here!

Anyways, after our hefty breakfast, said goodbye to the stunning Helenness:

And said hello to these glamourous babies! At this moment we were taken to NZ Wheels Showroom in Klang, feeling much like a celebrity for a day :P
Okay so for this shot, Afifah used ADVANCED SETTINGS POP COLOR, made all the colors pop obviously! No need to edit your saturation in the computer anymooooore!

We've arrived! 
NZ Wheels is the largest Merc Benz showroom in Klang Valley, situated at:
NZ Wheels Klang
Lot 1385, Wisma Naza, 
Jala Kapar, Batu 2, Kaw 19,
41400 Klang, Selangor.
Tel: 03-3341 3333 ; Fax: 03-3343 2161

Click READ MORE for more pictures below :)

Jezmine in her future car insyaAllah hehehehe, arriving in style I must say! Merc B-Class is quite suitable for young adults & small family, and the price is quite sensible for a Merc at RM200k+!

Did you know the non-hollow Mercedes Benz logo actually meant that it has a sensor for the front side, kinda cool. I feel like a bimbo now but hey I don't know much about cars sorry T_T

See that round dots around the car? It's actually a sensor for the alarm so that you don't hit anything and it's placed all around the car! Very convenient. What's even cooler is that the car has an AUTO PARK button, when the NZ Wheels rep explained my jaw almost dropped! "You mean when we wanna do side parking, just press a button and the car will park by itself??!" the answer is YES, do not panic because this car is smarter than your average fashion bimblo blogger (read: me)and knows how to side park perfectly. All thanks to those mini sensors. I think this is definitely a plus point for ladies ♥


Won't you come home with me? Naz would faint if it did though XD

Ready to take this one home, NOT! Oooh another plus point that I learned is that the seat can also be moved up & down with a flick of a button. Not for play la but to better adjust petite drivers in their seats so that you can see the road better. Sorry if I seem like explaining it all but I guess it's good info for anyone who doesn't have a Merc yet? :)

Us being nosy ladies LOL!

The interior, the passengers at the back can also enjoy having a cuppa placed meticulously infront of them and use the mini table for work as well. 

The sexiest beast of them all would have to be this! 

Oh hi Kay, didn't see you there. Don't mind me, just softly placing my bottom against this beautiful dark piece. Priced at RM5MILLION, hope I didn't scratch anything :O

I felt like I'm feeling up the Bat Mobile, you guys have definitely got to go witness it for yourself. This dark beauty is just magnificent!

After that we where driven to Setia City Mall and Shea got the chance to test her skills on the Merc!

While I continue to dream on living my life like a boss:

After that we changed cars and drove in C-Class ♥

Yeah all is good at the back Shea, no worries! Haha 

I'm in charge of taking photos........ Clearly. 

Roomy leg space ♥

After the test drive we were treated for lunch at Delicious, our tummy were filled with joy!
Don't you just LOVE the crispness and vibrant color X10 produced?

Ooh by the way there's a surprise for you! At the back of the white Merc B-Class in the showroom there are boxes waiting for you to guess:
Just guess how many boxes can fit inside the Merc B-Class and you are in the running to win some awesome prizes including:

A Mercedes Benz Experience like we did worth RM3800!

A pair of Jimmy Choo heels! 

Or this awesome FUJIFILM X10!

Just head on over to NZ Wheels: Guess And Win contest and send in your entry! Easy peasy yes? I love simple contests like this, you just never know your luck ;)

By the way don't forget to check-out these important links:

All the best! Which prize do you want the most out of all three? :D
I would chose the X10, coz I think I have fallen in love with it... Please give me X10 please *puss in boots eyes*



  1. I would personally take the CLS because I prefer the exterior design compared to the E-class. I also think the CLS is a bit more exlusive and rare. However, if you are choosing between the E-class and the CLS, you should take into consideration that the E-class is available as either cabriolet, coupe, sedan or 5-doors! thanks, @Rimi from workshop


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