EVENT: Islamic Fashion Festival 2012

Following the theme of African Safari Hakuna Matata, I supposed that's tribal-esque? Personally I think I've been wearing too much tribal prints and all has already been worn except for this beautiful dress which hasn't been posted on the blog yet.

Scarf, a gift from Rubaq Boutique @ Publika ♥
Dress, birthday gift from dear friend Naqiyah of El Jumana from Brunei ♥
Necklace from my dear friend Msvlad (ok wow didn't realize I was wearing all the gifts today)
Celine Trapeze, from Gorgeous by Sha Shaari

The booths at the bazaar 

Seated at the VIP table right next to the stage, all thanks to our dear friends of Ammara Hijabi.

On to the fashion show shall we?
Ammara Hijabi designers, Amal & Sarah and their muse, Ainul Aishah ♥

VIP guests & designers.

Datin Sarimah, Noryn Aziz & Tom Abang Saufi

Me & Ainul Aishah ♥

Friends & Allya Mysara designers ♥

The adorable Yatt Hamzah ♥

Mwah Ija!

The lovely & talented designers of Ammara Hijabi, hot mommas Sarah & Amal. Thank you so so much for the invitation. Love your collection!

Love this corner's deco!

Totally enjoyed today and thank you so much Aishah for the company, good times! ♥