REVIEW: Chloe Paraty Bag

The Chloe Paraty is 2010′s IT bag. The Chloe Paraty has been featured in many of Chloe’s ads, and is one of Chloe’s most popular handbags. This is not surprising looking at this stunner. The Chloe Paraty is versatile, beautiful, distinctive, and embodies Chloe’s signature look of quality, class, smartness, and a hint of glamour. The Chloe Paraty is versatile, as you can wear it with anything. It makes a great day bag. 

Without the heavy lock and bold design of its Paddington, ChloƩ's Paraty bag is a understated yet glamorous update on a classic design. Complete with minimal hardware, shoulder strap and handles, and eye ringlet and trim detail, this medium shoulder bag is perfect for elegantly carrying all your essentials. (via)

The structure of the Chloe Paraty is very unique. It’s got a very clearly defined distinctive shape. The front of the Paraty is almost an extension of the two top handles and is a bit like an exterior long strap that is attached to the bag that has no function. It’s more like a feature of the bag. A bit like how the oversized padlock was a feature of the Chloe Paddington, it was more for show, -it just looked cool. I think Chloe has adopted a similar concept here with the Paraty. The bag also features what looks like a zip that extends down to the side of the bag all the way through the bottom. Again, I think it’s just a feature not a function of the bag. The long thin strap also means that the Chloe Paraty can also be worn as a cross body bag, making it easy and convenient to carry.

Celebs that J'ADORE the Chloe Paraty bag ♥

Detail pictures of the bag in Chloe Paraty Medium size:

Details photos from the Chloe Paraty Medium courtesy of Gorgeous by Sha Shaari, Telawi Bangsar:
Luxurious calfskin leather with double top handles and goldtone hardware.
Double top handles, 5" drop
Detachable shoulder strap, 14" drop
Top-zip closure
One inside zip pocket
Fully lined
15"W X 10"H X 6"D
Made in Italy

Interesting detail about the Paraty is also the side clasp, although not that many people care much about it but for me it does bring a tiny bit of difference. You can unclasped the side to make more room for your bag and fill it up to your heart's content ♥

What can the Medium sized Chloe Paraty fit?
my trusty iPad2 (now that there's an iPad Mini I suppose it doesn't matter anymore!)
my mini makeup bag with the usual suspectc inside.
a pair of shades
purse & coin purse
a thin book.

Given that it can also be filled in with set of keys and a small camera, with that I'm good to go!

In my personal experience lugging the bag around in my daily wear, as seen below:
As a bridesmaid to my dear friend's wedding wearing custom made ombre peplum dress from RICO RINALDI / Dian Pelangi ombre scarf / pearl collar necklace Soak Republic

For a LEVI's fitting, more pictures here.

For a day with Mercedes Benz Experience, more pictures here & here

Balik Kampung Day with Wonder Wardrobe Orked Top / Zara pants / Sugarscarf tribal scarf

I can honestly say the best of this bag (well apart that it being absolutely gorgeous & classy in person) is that it's so LIGHT! Compared to the Celine Luggage Tote in Micro as I reviewed here it's probably half the weight. Initially before testing the bag, I thought the signature curve of the bag was filled with somekind of iron (blimey I was thinking of the heaviness of Paddington bag!) but infact it's not so it's pretty much lighter and rather perfect as your luxurious everyday bag.

Another detail that I personally love is the long strap, I walk a lot and I carry a lot of stuffs mainly gadgets therefore as chic as it may seem to carry it like a classy lady above my elbow I would love the option of shifting the weight on my shoulder and the long straps has saved my hands from being dead out of fatigue ♥

Having given the bag for loan I am glad that it has completely changed my opinion about it 180°!
Sadly to say there isn't any CHLOE store in Malaysia so the option would be to buy it in Singapore or Europe! With the extra money having to fork out for tickets to-fro and accomodations, why bother when you can get them at:


Most important detail about the bag must definitely be the PRICE!
GORGEOUSBYSHASHAARI's PRICE for a Medium sized Chloe Paraty is around RM4600 - RM5500 depending on color ♥

Oh by the way, currently in store a PRELOVED (second hand) Chloe Paraty in Perforated Grey size Large is selling for only RM3800! Complete with dustbag & cards and in excellent condition, oh  my.. Tempting isn't it?

Hope this mini review shall suffice, and if you have any questions or inquiries just email 

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  1. @merapu, i know right? At first I thought so too.. But believe me looks can be deceiving. Beg tu sgt ringan sebenarnya! :)


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