WIWT: On Top of The World feat Azorias

WHAT I WORE: Double breasted yellow blazer, a gift from Hui Wen exclusively produced bt AZORIAS. You can find the electric blue one here | Maysaa inner neck cover | Cat shirt | Striped harem pants I bought at a small shop back in Perak | Bag from Alin by The Bag Galore | Gold flats from Cotton On

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Stayed at Bala's Holiday Chalet, quaint little place and cheap! Went to the Butterfly Garden, lotsa flowers and butterflies in there ♥ Went up to Boh Plantation and climbed 174metres up to their View Point to enjoy the view, the climb was indeed challenging (I have little stamina to be proud of) but the view was breathtaking!; Bought some roses, mixed flowers, mixed vegetables all at cheap prices.. ahh I LOVE CAMERON HIGHLAND

We'll be back, one day!
Check out the entry on my first day at Cameron Highland { here }


  1. auwwwwwww, i love every single pics in this post. cantik sgt! and the butterflies on your head?

    gambar ni pun cantik sgt:


  2. beautiful pictures! would love to visit Cameron Highlands someday :)

  3. You look gorgeous! I love the bright yellow hijab paired with the blazer. Those colors make me happy :) And what a coincidence that a 'matching' butterfly landed on your head!

    I love how you give Islamic modesty such a contemporary and urban feel. Or as my Muslim friends taught me, I ought to say, 'Masha'Allah!' :)

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

    This Good Life

  4. on vacation but still can be a fashionista. duh!

  5. wow! best nye.. tak pernah agi p cameron highlands tuh..teringin jek.. btw, smua pic2 ami chantek2..:) love ur style~

  6. awhh lawaaaa sangat..! u made me wana go to cameron jugakkk

  7. That place look so wonderful! And you look amazing too mashaAllah :)

  8. i love the way u wore ur turban~~
    it's make me feel like want to give a try.. ;P

  9. Nice view!!!!!!! Ahhh jeles! Style la kaka ami xD

  10. Salams-

    That picture of you sitting on the rock?
    It's a *keeper*

    Hope you are thriving and fighting and getting up- if only just once more.
    That's all we need- once mores.

    Stay strong, dear.

  11. Hi Ami!~

    Each and every picture is so owh catching my eyes. awesome! gorgeous!~

    You look so beautiful in that turban hijab. In fact, always look good in bright colours:)

    Totally inspiring(*_*)

  12. Hi there!

    Just letting you know I wrote a mini-review of a number of blogs I like on my blog and it includes yours. I hope it generates you a little more traffic and interest.
    You can find the post here:

    This Good Life

  13. thank you so much everyone for your comments <3

  14. Salam. Ami, I love the way you play with colors. You did a great combination all the time. Like seriously, yellow suit you well! :)


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