NOTE: All photos were taken prior to posting date, done sometime in April 2011 therefore it does not depict my current condition of health. But hey, no harm in participating right? :)
Day 4 - Date Night
What would you wear when going out on a date w/ your hubby or future hubby?

WHAT I WORE: Schanaz Scarf in Ocean Blue (recently restocked, mosey over to SHOP SPUTNIKSWEETHEART now. We do ship internationally) | Old soft cardigan from The Shoplifters | Blue ruched top, a loot nabbed from Old Blossom Box's Preloved Party ♥ a bargain at RM10 | Peach tapered pants from The Survival Store | Birdie rope necklace, Hui Wen's preloved bought at RM15 I think | Yellow Bejeweled Chain Bracelet from SHOP SPUTNIKSWEETEHART, more colors available up for grabs! | Random orange chunky ring | Orange purse from The Bag Galore | Chunky Heeled Shoes from ZARA |

Some old photos from Old Blossom Box's Preloved Party;
Ain Fadzli wearing Ocean Blue Schanaz Scarf from my mini label. I feel like jumping & hugging her tightly when I saw her wearing Schanaz :D

More photos of my customers donning Schanaz Scarf in Schanaz Scarf {STYLED} album ♥

Me and the necklace I bought from Hui Wen ♥ | A candid shot with Lyna Kamal

Check out more of Old Blossom Box's Preloved Party photos { here }

Oh by the way guys, a lil sneak preview of what SHOP SPUTNIKSWEETHEART will be selling this Sunday:
Aren't you excited already??

Now this Blogger's Fashion Rehab Bazaar is open for public, regardless of age and gender and free entrance therefore drag along your boyfriend, husbands, moms, kids, nephews and grandpa's! Don't forget to bring your own shopping bag, save the earth - say no to plastic bag. And if you're clueless on what I'm talking about. Mosey over to the { facebook event page }, RSVP and invite all your friends to come along too! ♥

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