WIWT: 27.03.2011

WHAT I WORE: Leopard print shawl, a gift from Adriani | Inner turban from Sugarscarf | Flared pants jumpsuit from Lalin Closet | Old buttons cardigan | Leopard print skinny belt from Oh Popsicles | Bird necklace, preloved from Hui Wen | Studded bag from The Shoplifters, threw this away sometime ago coz it's tearing apart | Charles & Keith studded flats.

An old outfit shot I haven't shared with ya'll yet. Wore this on a casual day running errands and out having dinner. Last Sunday's bazaar was such a success, I'm still buzzed over all the people that came to show support and buy our stuff. Still a lil tired but I think I just need a massage right now, like pronto. All my bones are sore haha! Oh my God I feel 'young'! -_-"

I have loads of stuff pending to be update, but I also have loads of work to do and can't do them all at once since I have people/family bugging me to take a rest. So I'm going on a super slow speed on everything, so y'all have to be patient with me. I didn't manage to post the last outfit shot for HFW coz I was busy preparing for Blogger's Fashion Rehab Bazaar, oops! Please don't be mad! Maybe I'll do it sometime later *adds on to-do list*

Alright, y'all have a great Wednesday aite!