Blogger's Fashion Rehab Bazaar

Sorry for the mega late post, was invited by Mas Angelina and Bono to join in as a vendor at this bazaar and I didn't pass up the chance even though I was still in the hospital at that time. And as I have prayed and expected and hoped, I was discharged a week before the event and was ready to bounce back into society as if nothing has happened.

Featured in Garbagelapsap (KL's streetstyle website) & Tongue in Chic
What I Wore: Jetcirclescarf given by Yuna when she came by to visit at the hospital, get it at | Hot pink chiffon top from Beautiful Disaster | Schanaz Exclusive Maxi Stripe Skirt, will be sold starting tomorrow at 8am. Stay tuned at

Thank you so much to everyone who came by, who bought stuffs from me and who smiled and took photos, and those who brought nifty lil trinkets and gifts for me, to those who came from far far away as far as Kota Kinabalu and the family from Sungai Buloh; I appreciate you lots and feeling thy love so so much ♥
BEST PHOTO OF THE DAY; my niece Hannah Humairah who didn't recognize me in my hijab and used her 'face recognition system' to make sure it's her Mak Long. LOL!

More photos in { my facebook }