Among all the looks I prepared for Hijab Fashion Week by LOVEHFW, this is one of the two outfit that I didn't do on the same photoshoot day with dearest Aishah Amin. Yes, we did our shoot together therefore don't get alarmed that our photo destinations look alike, but it's the outfit that matters the most right?

And by the time I found out that my cancer relapsed, and I had to go in for my salvage chemo starting 3rd May 2011 there was no way I could assemble or garner enough energy emotionally or physically for any outfit shot. Thanks to POLYVORE, I'm saved! So I hope this would suffice :)

Day 3 - Work Out Wear: What would you wear when exercising, going to the gym, and such? Think fashionable ways to look good in sweats!

Work-Out Outfit


And good news! After 28 days been cooped up in the Hematology / Blood Cancer Ward (almost going mental with stress), and Alhamdulillah ya Allah survive the strongest chemotherapy my body could take in which my oncologists warned that 10-15 people died due to the chemo alone.. I'm back home! My fate is still unknown for now, never mind that I guess. Allah knows best!

Here's me and what I wore when I went back home last Monday:
Polkadot Hijab from Ilsya Hijab | Maysaa snood | Old stripes top | Yellow knitted wrap from Pumpkin | Polkadot Palazzo Pants, a gift from Adriani and a sneak preview of what's coming for PASTELINA | and my trusty blue yellow Adidas slipper.

My joy cannot be expressed! I try not to think what's beyond my control and taking one breath at a time literally, resting a lot at home so that this weekend Naz the husband would let me join this bazaar (which I agreed to join before I receive his consent, yikes! Girl just wanna have some fun *sulks*). Anyways girls, if you are in town do drop by! Loads of items from Shop SputnikSweetheart which you have never seen before will be at the booth *prays that Naz let's me go*

Besides! Look at the line-up! How can you miss this special event right? ;)
Bono of Studio Stellar | Hana Tajima of Maysaa / StyleCovered | Mas Angelina of The Wardrobe / My Lookbooks | Shea Rasol of My Amethyst and Adriani Adnan of Bows & Roses, both from Pastelina | Hui Ting of Mustard Queen | Hui Wen of Revel In Me| and last but not least, yours truly representin' Shop SputnikSweetheart & Schanaz clothing line.

Sunday, 5th June 2011
12pm - 7pm

Bloggers Fashion Rehab Bazaar at stellar Studio, B10-060 SoHo, Empire Shopping Gallery, SS16/1, Subang.

Check-out the facebook event page.
Be there or be square!

To find out more on Hijab Fashion Week and how you can join in the fun, go over to LOVE HFW and check out all the looks from other participants all over the world!


  1. This would totaly look hot on you ami!:) amii i might be going to the bazaar as well! <3

    see you there nnti!

  2. Salams sis, may ALlah (swt) give you shifaa I will make lots of dua for you and think all your readers should make collective dua for you. Lots of love!

  3. too bad i am not in town on that day. i am looking forward for your kimono jacket. Pls do save some for online shoppers ya...thnx

  4. salam sis
    Allah bless you my sister
    I will du'a for you
    thanks for creat this luxury work out wear it would be great on you

  5. 1st work out pants is really sygnyer nk bwk bersenam! haha..then the polka dots pants on u is really cute lah~ ^^

  6. alhamdulillah you got out of the ward & survived the chemo!! we're praying for you!!

    Also, this is my FAVORITE polyvore I've ever seen! Soooo adorable


  7. @aishah, i hope i can find something similar to this and doesnt break my bank or back :P see u this sunday neighbor!

    @ebru, syukran jazilan my love. thank you so much for your kind thoughts ♥

    @fashionclicks, no worries. the schanaz kimono cardi will debut online. not at the bazaar :)

    @hannah, thank you so much dear. i'm looking forward to producing more insyaAllah..

    @switakon, alhamdulillah indeed.. thank you

    @suzai, cantik pun apa salahnya kan? comel kan polkadot pants pastelina!

    @sluff, thank you so much dear. hehe i believe this is the first polyvore i love that i made myself too. other polyvore sets i've made are disasters lol!

  8. WOW!! love the look sister!!
    Definately fashionable!! <3

    Check out my Work Out Wear look here >> [] xx


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