Hunny Madu - Pulau Janji Press Conference

So a week ago on Friday 10th June, I was privileged enough to be invited to local celebrity Hunny Madu new album press conference. Thanks to Maria Elena for the invite :)

Honestly this was the first time I heard Hunny Madu belt out her songs live and I am very much impressed! We were entertained with Hunny's performances from new songs from the album Pulau Janji and we also get to listen to some of the other songs she didn't perform.

And I quote:
"Pulau Janji (which means Promised Island) is a concept place where I discarf all my thoughts, musings, and creative writings in music or poetry. During the making of the album, plenty of songs came through my dreams in excerpts which I then translate into melody or through writing. With this album completed, soon the time will come for me to get out of the imaginary promised island." - Hunny Madu
What's even more interesting about Hunny other than the fact that she can DJ, write and sing her own songs, she also can dance, rap like nobody's business, sing power ballad (in this album, she manage to get the legendary Anuar Zain to do a duet with her!), sing R&B and guess what, she's already married (I saw the wedding video and got all teary eyed! Out of happiness!) and planning to be pregnant next year! One talented and ambitious multi-tasker she is indeed.

Check out one of the song from her album, Dari Masa Hadapan;
Credit goes to Aida Arisya for the video.

To know more about the album and the fashion loving singer herself, check her out on;

And don't forget to get her new album Pulau Janji at all major outlets, I promise you won't be dissapointed ;)

and style shots;
What I Wore: Schanaz Scarf in Emerald Green from Shop SputnikSweetheart | Scallop Blazer from Old Blossom Box | Peacock Pallazo Pants from Old Blossom Box | Pointed flats from Studio | Vintage box bag

and with the girls ♥

more photos of the event uploaded on { my facebook }



  1. tq ami link kn my video & blog..nice to meet u :) see u again...take care k

  2. kak ami (: will u be there at the chic pop street market 8 this saturday? i really wanna meet u and kak maria elena too but she told me shes not going ): but will u?
    btw ive added u on fb but u didnt approve sobs

  3. haaa ami ada request dari fanclub tu nak jumpa awak. im planning to go chip pop market too this saturday..lama sangat tak jumpa ami. rindu <3 jom la pegi chic pop event nanti

  4. ^ kak hanna (: i wanna meet u too. i've tried to drop a comment kat u punya tumbkr tp tak boleh. so see u kat chic pop ;p

  5. @nurulsyafika, i ada hal sikit on that day. i maybe tak pergi or if sempat pegi maybe lewat petang sikit.

    and by the way ladygagamelan name is emmy zuraihan and her tumblr is, i think you've got the wrong person? or wrong name? :P

  6. Kak Ami you look simply dreamy in everything green! :D

  7. kak ami yeke. no tak salah org hee. and tak salah tumblr jugak. tak boleh drop komen sbb setting mcm tu kot, means anon tak boleh ask kat ask box tu something like that heehe

  8. hi nurulsyafika,

    my name is Emmy and yes, i'm sorry that i have disabled comment for anonymous on my tumblr page. insyaAllah sy mungkin pergi ke Chic Pop event nanti.. maybe lepas zuhur kot, 230pm onwards. i'll see you there :) say hello if u bump into me cuz i ni rabun jauh hehehe :)

  9. yay (: i will i will insyaAllah (:

  10. I have always been afraid to wear green but you definitely pulled it off ami! georgeousness!


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