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So, one day when I was doing the photoshoot with Scarflets for Jelita I got a call from a familiar voice. My phone is banged out and my phonebook was wiped out so I am every bit of fortunate if the person introduces themselves to me after hearing my voice of hesitation. It was Leonard! He told me about watching Transformers 3 premiere screening and being the first in the world to be able to watch the movie! Of course I was excited and said YES! Leonard was also the one who invited me to watch Lat the Musical theatre for free :D

Anyways, he said he'll email me all the details and little that I know I was in for a STAR treatment - we get to be chauffeured in Chevrolet Captiva with our own drivers, goodies bags at the ticket pick-up, free popcorn and drink in the cinema and then(!) a very fulfilling and delicious dinner at Amarin Heavenly Thai restaurant. Heavenly indeed! That's all aside to be the first group of people in the world lucky enough to watch Transformers 3: Dark Side of The Moon in 3D! On to the pictures then;

I thought the movie was great! I love it compared to Transformer 2 and I'm probably the only person on earth preferring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Megan Fox. She might have a softer personality but I think she did alright and the acting was believable, except the part that she ran around the crumbling Chicago city in heels and white jacket and still come out with no scratch or dirt at all -_-" Anyways I think I'm gonna go watch it again! ;) Who wants to join me?

On to some style shot;

WHAT I WORE: Schanaz Scarf in Pearl, updated with new stocks in 28 colors; check it! | Structured blazer from Honey Pumpkin | Tassle earring, a gift from my friend Suri ♥ | Polkadot jumpsuit, available very soon at SHOP SPUTNIKSWEETHEART | Turquoise belt from Shop SputnikSweetheart | Finks inspired boots |

If you haven't watched Transformers 3 yet, what are you waiting for then?!
Roll out autobots!

More photos from { Chevrolet Malaysia } and on { my facebook }


  1. WOW!! I bet that was so exciting and it looked like you had so much fun.
    Now onto your outfit. OMG I cannot explain to you how much I love it. The polka dots, the jumpsuit, the red, the shoes, the SHOES...

    MashaAllah :)

  2. @Haute Muslimah, thank you so much! It was indeed very very exciting and thanks for liking my outfit <3

  3. OMG.
    I really adore your jumpsuit.
    Where I can get it?

  4. sis, try tengok dekat maxx times square.. 3D effect dia sgt best.. nak lg best bleh pg IMAX dkt Singapore =)

  5. the perks of being a famous blogger ;)

    btw, saya tak tengok lagi transformers tapi kawan saya yang dah tengok cakap best and dia pun prefer rosie :)

    glad to see you're out and about! :D

  6. i juss lovee ur jumpsuit xx

  7. i want to join u if kak ami nak tengok lagi...pasti seronok:)

  8. ami sgt2 gorjes~=) keep it up ami..=) very love ur style n spirit..=)

  9. You look amazing! Omg where did you get your finks inspired boots? Lovely! x


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