WIWT: Z o M B i e L a N D

Jumpsuit bought in Bandung, Indonesia. Faux YSL studded satchel bag from Winkstick. Casio Databank Calculator from Urban-Retro. Cut-out wedge bootie from Oh-Popsicles, last worn here.

Met Kishiey from Your Mom's Fashion for our first movie date together, she just moved near to my area so I thought we should go out together. We had dinner at Secret Recipe, I had Japanese Soba, she Spaghetti Bolognese and Naz had Chicken Cordon Bleu. The first time I met her was at Bijou Bazaar Soho, which was a long long time ago and we only said brief hellos anyways. I'm looking forward for more movie dates Kishiey!

Kishiey was wearing..

And Oh-Emm-Gee ZOMBIELAND is UHH-MAZING! Thank God for Internet, we re-watched it for 3 times this weekend at our 'foster parents' house, Watie & Pa'Tam. Love the slow motion action, the gory details of the zombies, awkward nerd Cera type hero and how hot is Emma Stone? The boys kept confusing her with Emma Watson when the credit roll opened, which is annoying coz duh totally different people those two! I love the part when Emma Stone aka Wichita first came out from the back of the store with her all innocent round doe eyes and whispered two words "Come quick". As Columbus would say;

Someone’s ear is in danger of having hair brushed over it…

Inspired by Wichita's smokey eyes & nude pink lippie, I did the same the next day to work. Probably not a good idea with my eyebags & dry lips but meh who cares! ;)

If you haven't watch Zombieland, go now!