Jimmy Choo 72

I actually received the letter from Jenny of Jimmy Choo early November, and I wanted to do my own shots to enter the competition and as times passes by I couldn't find time to do any photoshoot, so I guess it's not fair to keep the info to myself. Sorry Jenny for this late posting;

I think every single man & woman in Malaysia (& the world) would recognize the name Choo if it ever comes out in conversation, Datuk Jimmy Choo is a Malaysian hailed fashion designer who started his own shoe line in 1986 when he opened up a shoe workshop by renting an old hospital building in London. From that on, his shoe collection has expanded & been well recognized and even used in all hail queen of all fashion magazine, Vogue and also patronage by Princess Diana.

Despite being one of the most sought after shoe label in the world, it has stayed humbled and takes part in society by the launching of Project PEP with the Elton John AIDS Foundation. This project is designed to support the funding of the Simelela centre in South Africa. The vibrant capsule collection features a distinctive and collectible punk rock motif print representing Jimmy Choo’s passionate and individualist spirit. In 2005 Jimmy Choo Founder and President Tamara Mellon worked with the Elton John AIDS Foundation on a charity auction project ‘Four Inches’ that assisted with the first funding of the Simelela centre.

Jimmy Choo will donate 25% of the net sales from Project PEP to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. With this funding, the Elton John AIDS Foundation can directly support the pioneering Simelela Rape Centre in Cape Town that was set up in 2005, with the mission to administer victims of abuse with the vital HIV preventative PEP medication (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) and provide the infrastructure for medical, counselling and legal support.

The proceeds raised by Project PEP will enable the clinic to stay open day and night providing 24 hour/7 days a week access to the vital life saving treatment that has to be administered within the first 72 hours of exposure to HIV.

Jimmy Choo is asking you to take part in a new social networking concept which will feature a photo competition to generate awareness of the vital 72 hour time window.

The slogan for the campaign is 'You, Your Shoes and 72' and many of the winning images will be showcased at the global launch of Project PEP at Selfridges London on 29th October and at Jimmy Choo Project PEP events globally. Over 100 winners will be announced after the competition close on 7th Decemberto win products from the Project PEP range, with a Grand Prize offering the overall winner 7 pairs of shoes and 2 bags from Jimmy Choo.

There's still 3 days left to closing date, even if you are not able to enter this competition, do vote for whom you think should take the prizes home.


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