80s babies & INDIAN CURRY

We found a good spot to take photos of my outfit that day, a field near a power plant somewhere in Klang. Went there to fetch medicine for Naz's aunt, not at the power plant but at a clinic in Klang. Lol.

Was wearing, my late dad's 70's shirt, The Shoplifters vintage leather skirt, Zara blue shoes, Topshop metal plat necklace, The Brollies hand-made weave necklace, Hello Fashionista slouch quilted bag, vintage Fa├žonnable semi round glasses.

And the next day I was sooo craving for some good Indian curry. Went to Raju Banana Leaf Restaurant at Jalan Chantek, Petaling Jaya. Aww man, deep fried squid and onion rings *gulps*, fish curry gravy........... *drools*

Last weekend was so much fun, went to meet our lawyer for the apartment we're buying, already signed the agreement, went to our friends' house, they just came back from honeymoon and we demand a home cooked dinner from the newly weds haha *evil*. We exchanged photos of our trip to Kedah/Penang where they got married, so I have more photos coming up. Don't know when that will be up, major resizing in large quantities oh emm gee.

I've also moved from the master bedroom to a smaller one since the other girl just moved out, previously was bunking with ma homegirl Lia. Definitely smaller but I guess I'll manage. I'm gonna be selling my stuffs next week at Uniten's student bazaar, so be ready kids I have loads to offer!