HAIR C U TS pt. 1

Trimmed my hair and did some highlights at REPLACEMENT Salon x Boutique last Friday, recommended by Emmy. The stylist's name was Shane and he was super nice, I love the fact that he spends extensive time styling my hair. Goodbye Jantzen, hello Replacement! I think there's high chance that I'm gonna come back again. Plus, I have a RM52 voucher to be picked up ;)
Latest news from Replacement, spend a total of RM388 in one receipt and you're entitled to enter a lucky draw which will be happening on Chinese New Year 2010. 12 names will be picked up and the first winner will win 12 haircuts and 6 hair treatments which equivalent of a year of care supply! Wooh!
Go to Replacement now! Or if you ever come down to KL city and want a good hair styling, this is the place you should go to. If not for the wedding, I would probably done mohawk or something, whatever it is that's stylish these days. But maybe I'll just try Jean Seberg one day. I wish I'm sponsored by Replacement but I'm not, I just love to share good things with people :)

All three items bought this month, wannabe YSL studded satchel by Winkstick, chain infested top with slit sleeves from Nichii, Block Chain necklace from Castelle Clothing and worn with my trusty high-waisted skinny acid wash jeans from Topshop. In dire need of more dark jeans.

Anyways, fiance went to trim his hair to a zero too, but at a rather conventional old school place. That will come in HAIR C U TS pt. 2. Hope you had a great weekend, do check out The Shoplifters latest update today and don't forget we do ship internationally!

p/s: My shoplifter partner / bb is a regular customer at Replacement, she went there and got a bowl haircut from Maggie yesterday! That girl can pull of anything, like seriously.