WARNING: Picture overload!!

Elfin ears -_-

We went to Delicious cafe, specifically to buy I ♥ KL x SPCA shirts, RM25 each. Each RM5 will be donated to SPCA Selangor.Naz was super excited about the I ♥KL shirts since he didn't get one last year at Urbanscape. Plus, it always feels good to shop for a good cause too.

Then we proceeded to TGI Friday's. Our first time eating here, just thought we should try it out :)

A camera flash from someone from the back boomed when i took this photo. Made the plain ice water looked like magick!

KELUAR = OUT | Sony fan boy flippin' his Sony catalog.

Plastic link bangle RM8 from local night market, Studded Structured Blazer from Castelle Clothing, Casio Calculator watch from Urban-Retro.

APPETIZERS: Fried Mac n Cheese - Irresistible, creamy cheeses & elbow noodles golden fried to perfection.

ENTRÉE: Southwest Adobo Chicken - Roasted half-chicken seasoned with a lemon, garlic, cilantro and herb rub. Served with fried potato wedges and a spicy Jalapeno chili sauce for dipping.
Being that this was our first time at TGIF, little that we know that the portion that arrived were large enough for two people! Plus we only had an hour to massacre our food before the movie starts. The chicken tasted sweet but oh so nice, complemented by the crunchy soft sweet potato and herbal mint savoury it makes up a whole different taste in your month. Ace.

ENTRÉE: Sizzling Chicken & Shrimp - Sautéed garlic chicken breast and shrimp, tossed in bruschetta marinara and served on a sizzling platter with onions & peppers and melted Mexican and American cheeses. All that cheese, plus mashed potatoes on the side.
Simply divine, this portion was large too. The yellow flat thing under those green & red peppers is actually cheese, burnt cheese. Combined with the juicy sautéed shrimp and a dip on some mashed potatoes, the taste just explodes in your month. I wide eyedly mmmhmmm-ed a lot while I was eating this. I'm sure the staffs were sorta of leering at me :P

DESSERT MINIs: Oreo Mint Crunch - Chocolate mint sloshed with Oreos on top, I can't resist mints! & Tropical Delight - Very Hawaiian, tasted like pina colada.

Velvet chain-link belt made into headband, Studded Structured Blazer from Castelle Clothing, Forever 21 multiple chain necklace, black maxi dress from Ladies Fashion, faux wannabe Chanel bag.

He instantly wore the I ♥ KL x SPCA shirt right after the movie, for the ride home.. So comel my boy ♥

What have I to say about New Moon? Well that deserves another entry of it's own ;)
Ooh by the way if you have tried TGIF, what else do you recommend?