M A D NESS 1209

Purchases of December 2009:
1. Floral Toga from Girl About Town (pic credit to Old Blossom Box) 2. Studded Chained bag hanging at the back bought from Us Us Us Clothing, sorry if my face scares you. No better photo at the moment. 3. Black Entwined necklace from Nichii RM19.90 4. Majestic neklace from Soak Republic 5. Sequined shoulders top from House of Allure 6. Feathered jacket from Tic Tac Toe 7. Chained top with slit sleeves, Nichii 8. Block Chain necklace from Castelle Clothing 9. Blue Toga dress from Miss OCD.

10. Scallop Boots from The Shoplifters.

And I highlighted my hair with some mahogany redness, ain't that visible but I love the layering Shane did whilst still keeping my current hair length. Don't know why I was super broke before the end of the month, probably coz I had to pay half of my room deposit and helping mom out on the house renovation fund. Fiance made me promise I ain't gonna loose it this month and I should control my spendings, whaaat? With all this year end sale and new year discounts??

Probably should start spending on wedding stuff. Gonna go meet the wedding planner during the holidays and see what he can do with all our requests. I've got big ideas but I ain't got much time. Sigh sigh meow!

And oh man, Topshop year end sale starts today.