INTIMATE Celebration

Elisa Sednaoui of D’Management Group is joined by Bianca Balti and Luca Gadjus for a festive editorial in the latest issue of Vogue Germany (December 2009). Photographed by Vincent Peters, the shoot is not short on personality. Capturing intimate moments with the wedding party, the editorial’s celebratory mood is infectious. - via FashGoneRogue

Weddings are intimate celebration indeed, the happiness that portrays on a beaming bride, a proud father & mother and happy kids can not be denied as short of being infectious. I love weddings, attending one that is. I still haven't started on my own wedding preparation (!!!), truth is we haven't decided on the date yet as much as we are determined on having each other to live and to hold with till death & beyond. I'm starting to think he doesn't really want to marry me, ofcourse any of his friends who knows him well would disagree and furiously back him up. I know that's not the case at all, but one cannot help but ponder. I mean give me a date for God's sake and I'll happily drop everything else and start on the wedding prep................................ Possibly not the most solid excuse, I can start anytime right? I have been collecting ideas and inspirations from everywhere, trust me. I only need him to give me the green light to execute on it.

Maybe it's just me. Oh well. And he doesn't read my blog so don't you be that sneaky mouse to tell him I that I whined about ;) I'm alright dontcha worry 'bout me!

Hmm, share me your wedding playlist? :D