Sunday Daze

Tahulah saya pendek tapi kenapakah harus teman lelaki saya yang genius tu menangkap gambar dari atas sehingga saya kelihatan bantut dek tumbesaran -__-"
Lace bolero, Tomato.
Cream Spag, FOS RM10.
Necklace, F21 sale.
Wonder Pants, from Pumpkin. Boyfriend calls it Aladdin pants, well it is actually.
Big Triple Way bag, courtesy of The Shoplifters.
Gold black T-bar, overused, from Jusco.

Last saturday, me & Tina went a lil bit more than just crazy on buying stocks for Neue Fashion. At first, we didn't find anything we like, but then we went to our favorite area and there were tons of good stuff! I almost max my credit card! Kidddding :P

I got myself another studded belt! Courtesy of The Shoplifters.

Well it's actually gonna be on sale tomorrow, so you can get one for yourself too!

Anyways, it's not a good day today. Hmmf!

By all means let's be open-minded, but not so open-minded that our brains drop out.
Richard Dawkins

Ish. I need Eclipse & Breaking Dawn! :(

Boyfriend challenged me to stop online shopping and save that money for a DSLR. He said he knows I'll be able to save up enough money within four months if only I save all the money I intend to use for online shopping or for shopping at all towards the DSLR fund! Impossible! But the way he explained it to me it's highly likely than I can do it, which is a bit of an embarrassing thought that I spend that much all for myself. Hmm, I haven't said yes to the challenge, if I go for it this blog will be so boring wouldn't it? Haha.. Hmm we'll see..

p/s: please join me at Fashion Wars at Facebook. I need more clans people!