Lacy Lucy

i just learned how to edit photo with edges like, just now -_-

I've been coveting for a piece of form fitting black lace bandage dress for as long as I can remember, haven't found any that I like. Inspiration piece would be that anonymous girl Rumi of Fashion Toast up there, can't remember where I found that picture of hers but I like how she pairs a piece of lace dress with studded lace-up boots. The contrast in the elegant look the lace brings is toned down & toughen up by the black studded (I think you guys probably know how much I love studded anything) boots. Also, have not found any black flat boots that I like. How hard can it be really? Based on experience, I'm pretty hard to please. Well, maybe sometimes I'm not :)

Both two lace dresses with peach (WHY IN THE WORLD THAT IT'S PEACH? Of all colors kan) lining are from Forever21 sale page. I almost bought a cheong sam inspired black lace dress with BLACK lining at F21 but it's sleeveless so that partly ruined my dream so I decided against it. Tahpahpe ntah kan, beli baju pun banyak songeh? Oh saya cuma membeli barang-barang di high-street stores kalau ada diskaun je. Kalau tak, fikir 80x dulu nak swipe kad plastik tu. Hehe..

Hmm.. I can't believe I sold my mode black heels. Sedih la pulak rasanya :(((
Anyway these are photos of recent purchases of necklaces + bracelet:

Black plastic thing, F21 sale RM10.
This one looks like a European badge from the 20's? Entah! Sukati aku je. F21 sale RM12.
Heavy chain gold necklace, RM12.
Uncle Owl again, it's body is made up of various things including a wing, Eiffel tower, small heart, and a candle holder, Diva clearance rack RM21. (Rupaya sale F21 lagi best!)
Multiple drape necklace, F21 sale RM19. Saja nak tunjuk lagi sekali sebab suka :D
Multiple seed bracelet, Diva.. tak ingat berapa harga..
Slithering snake necklace dari... rahsia... RM25, boleh jadi bracelet jugak.. heee

Lepas tu, once upon a fortunate time there was a clearance sale at Nine West. And I grabbed this.

Tunjuk kotak je boleh tak? Heeee, the actual photo is here. A similar design of Steve Madden's Piya. It's kinda whorish looking, slightly heavy but I still can manage. A bit tight on the buckle, but I guess this baby just needs to be worn in a lil bit. A whooping drop from RM399 to RM169, actually all the other pair of Nine West were discounted to the same flat price but most of them no longer has my size. Mak takkan beli kasut harga lebih RM200 beb, gila ke? Unless kalau ada orang nak bagi hadiah la kan huhu. But no offense to people who can actually afford it though :)


I'm just gonna say, whatever it is I'm gonna stay calm & collected (as if I can la kan dengan panas barannya saya). Tapi takpe, tak guna buang tenaga untuk entah sapa2 tu. Redha je lah, dah Tuhan nak buat camni takkan nak baling batu kat langit or sepak ombak kan? Teringat masa kecik pernah tanya kat Bonda, masa tu Bonda tengah basuh kain guna tangan kat bilik air (takde washing machine kot zaman tu, tak mampu milik lagi), I was half naked with only my short on and I asked, "Enche, kenapa kakcik gelap ye? Kakcik anak angkat ke?".. I think my mom laughed a little at my serious questioning face and answered somewhat like this, "The skin color does not mean anything dear, of course you are my child.. Don't worry, soon when you grow up you'll be much fairer (or buy things that can make you fair)". Hmm camtu lah gamaknya dia jawab, tapi takde la dia berbahasa Inggeris dengan aku yang umur 7 tahun masa tu. I asked whether I was adopted because all my elder sisters have fair skin with hazel eyes & siap rambut perang lagi (bukan dye ye). Tapi, saya mengikut physical trait sebelah abah kot dan do i feel unlucky because of that? Why should i? Lemah self-esteem tu kadang-kadang ada, tambah2 lagi bila ada yang mencerca. Tapi nak buat macammana, mulut orang tak boleh ditutup, jari tak boleh dikerat. Kalau boleh kerat, lama dah aku buat. *sabar sabar*

Eee.. hmm takpelah life goes on okay. Esok lusa gambar belt craze sepanjang bulan November/Disember 2008 pula ya. Ini kan blog shopping je, no more personal2 stuffs....... Tanak tanak *tutup telinga tutup mata*

ps: tak sabar nak shopping NF ngan vintage dengan tina. one way of emotion release, sangat satisfying walaupun bukan beli untuk diri sendiri.

pss: (i'm cramping everything in here) OMG WTF, FOUR EARS CAT!

psst: Ya Allah superficial nya aku ni. Sila derma ke tabung NSTP FUND FOR GAZA, it's the least we can do....