Kisah Cincin

Heee sengaja letak banyak kali gambar sama coz I'm trippy like that :P
Okay tak super short bangs? Tak okay kan? Urgh tak sabar nak tunggu rambut panjang balik.

So the boyfriend has surprised me by taking me to a unexpected romantic dinner, which I had no suspicion at all being that he said it was as a compensation for the fact that he had to work late for the past days and broke his promises of buying me dinner. I was like, hmm okay :D. I mean come on, who would want to say no to a delicious plate, haha definitely not me. Even though we were completely broke (atleast I know I am, even the plastic card has pending bills on 'em). He took me all the way to Sunway from Bangi, and I was rather suspicious to where we are actually heading to. And halted to a stop in front of a Balinese restaurant called Bumbu Bali (God that name is awfully familiar but I can't remember from where!), I fell in love with the ambiance, the whole Balinese deco and musics playing in the background. Really reminded me of the time we went to Indonesia last year, which made me totally forgot of why he would actually bring me to such place despite the current state of our economy.

Apart from that I was also feeling a lil bit embarrassed that I was not at all dressed up to go anywhere fancy, my hair was greasy as if it was dipped in a bowl of oil, i was wearing no make-up at all (God forbids!), and with flared cut jeans and a simple top. Seriously I would not have expected it to be THE night. There were three lil amoi in a table near the entrance just glared at me like I shouldn't even be there, whatever I was hungry like a panda and I eased myself by thinking they might recognized me from shoplifters. NOT.

We ordered Grilled Beef Pasta, Nasi Campur Bumbu Bali, Virgin Colada & Blue Hawaiian :))

Sangat sangat sangat sangat sedap hokay! Kecuali the drinks, pina colada Chilli's lagi power kot. Kami juga bertanya whether these drinks are mixed with alcohol, and the waitress replied with a definite NO. Baiklah, bagus.

And then, he kept asking whether I really really love him, am I sure, how much do I love him.. Of course I answered playfully, he sometimes acted like that, nothing out of normalcy and I'm always consistently nervous whenever he's asks those kind of questions anyway. Up until in the middle of dinner, he just touched my hand, squeezed it a little and I saw his other hands creeping into his pockets (THEN I REMEMBERED HE DIDN'T EVEN NEED ME IF HE WANTED TO BUY THE RING BECAUSE HIS SISTER AND I HAVE THE SAME SIZED RING FINGER, AND HE JUST SPENT 3 DAYS WITH HIS FAMILY LAST WEEKEND!!!!), and he said those phrases in the entry below. I was shocked because a few hours before I wrote the entry about him and the ring and now it's right there in my hands. Speechless, dragonflies in my tummy! And of course I was am extremely happy.

And yep, I said YES to a lifetime proposal ♥

p/s: buy my stuff pls :D ahaha tiba-tiba je tapi tengah broke so heee