Karma List

Whoever gets me this, I'll be forever grateful to you and I'll be your shopping companion forever XD

or this leather strap bracelet!

Anyways, among other things;
  • My ex-housemate is now 6 weeks pregnant! Congratulations alin & shuk :)
  • We're getting a sony mp3 player as a gift for sony's 20th birthday. We actually got to choose between a DVD player or an MP3 player but meh, most people chose the MP3 player coz it's more expensive. Ironic rite?
  • I watched Interview with The Vampire the other nite and it ruined my romantic thoughts of vampires, mostly because of Mr. Cruise. Not impressed, not impressed. But yeah, now I understand why Edward wouldn't want Bella to be a vampire, I mean the way it was told by le Brad Pitt, their life are... pretty sad........... *gasp* I'm obssesed am I? o_0
  • Why is my boyfriend still keeping my leather skirts? I need to wash 'em up good so I can wear 'em.
  • We've sold the limited edition geek chic Casio Databank Calculator! Yay!
  • Just received the 2gb MP3 playah! It may not be as cool as Ipod but the point is it's freeeeeeeee....... Though I actually still have a free Philips mp3 player from Citibank, still unused...

  • Tina told me there's going to be a r/i/o/t parade from KLCC to U.S Embassy this evening. Bring loads of shoes people. Maybe we can knock some senses into their heads. Hmmf! :(
  • Playing Fashion Wars on facebook. Getting hooked!
  • My modepass contacts are expanding eventhough I only have like three photos in there? Where do all these people come from?? Chictopia is way too slow, do not have patience for that (most possibly, I'm not chic enough). Got an empty LookBook account......
  • I'm thinking of getting a SLR, I used to be so against of the thought it coz why would I need a big-ass camera just to take photos of myself.. or so I thought. Now the Nikon P5000 seems a lil boring and I want something else, better, stronger...... but it's not like I have the money now anyways.. and my nikon has done me good...
  • The new housemate who is also an old friend, is somewhat invisible as we rarely get to spend anytime together as she's a night owl and i'm an early bird, literally speaking. Working from 3pm to wee hours in the morning she does. And I understand that takes a toll into your life, and all ya wanna do is laze around whenever there's time but for goodness sake keep lah the house clean! Okay I tidy up a lil on the dinner table and took out the trash and arranged our shoes.. Hope she'll do her dishes when I come back tonight. *fumes*
  • Budak kecik Kitsch Snitch kata nak balik minggu ni. She needs to be spanked!
  • Woah long list. Ends here.

ps: takde kena mengena dengan karma, tapi encik Yosh has left the building yesterday. Kenali lah TSTV, kelakar :)


  1.'re in modepass :)
    update lah your lookbook,i've always preferred lookbook.because of the colourbars tu + senang.

    p/s:the leatherstrapbracelet tu cantik gila. nak satu!

  2. ya. encik yoshz memang kelakar.
    i nak sepak dia. nak join?

  3. dzu, u ada modepass ke? add me! hihi

    hmm gambar2 i tak best sangat untuk letak di lookbook, you ada lookbook?

    i pun nak jugak leatherstrapbracelet tu :P

  4. saloma, menyesal tak kick dia masa dia ada kat soni haha


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