pointless really

Haha homaigod my dream came true. Within like half an hour, we managed to grab like so many things and duuuude we overspent again but it's okay as long as our customers are happy. We sure hope they are though, anyway we discussed about giving our customers some sort of promotion like a privilege card which can only be used once but we'll be giving it out every week and only to one or two lucky customers.

Ngehh, baik tak? Huu you wait hoo later when I grow up I open The Shoplifters boutique I give many many discounts hooo you wait hoo.

Ish, pandainya orang yang edit gambar teaser tu. Sape ntah, dah la pandai. Comel pulak. Eh.

Kaki jatuh dari langit. Woosh woosh.. Jangan tentut tau Tina.
Hmm, last week was Showpink's Junkyard Sale. We had a cool spot next to Mr Cool, Muz Usai. He's really kind and all and entertained Angah all the way lol. Anyway pictures of the event coming up later.

All featured items are available at The Shoplifters.

Ami nak tengok Gossip Girls.

ps: TIDAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK, gajiku 30hb! :(((( ada sesiapa nak bagi saya angpow? saya belum kahwin lagi tau.. *sobs*