MAGLifeStyle x Ami Schaheera: Fashion Friday!

Hello dear readers! Never would I imagine there would be a day where a renowned boutique in Telawi 2, Bangsar would wanna collaborate with me (ME? Lil ol ME?) for their brand launching in Isetan KLCC! I mean, sapa lah Ami Schaheera ni kan. Dah la tua, bongkok pulak tu.. (okay random rambling over something else, heh!) Sorry, okay where was I?

DATE: Friday, 6 September 2013.
TIME: 10.30am (boutique opens, but I'll be there starting 12pm during lunch hour onwards)
VENUE: Isetan KLCC, 1st Floor.
WHAT: I'll be your personal stylist, mixing & matching stuffs for you to create your outfit & also.... *drumrolls*
SPECIAL: Mention "AMI SCHAHEERA" to the cashier when you are paying and you are eligible to get 20% discount! Normal customers who comes in that day won't receive this!

I'll be the shy one wearing MAGLifeStyle lovely palazo pants in monochrome & an awesome neon lace shirt. Do please say "Hi!", contrary to popular belief I am very shy to someone I just met and I don't talk a lot but once you get to know me I can just ramble non stop.. Teeehee ♥ 

And you simply must say "Hello" to the MAGLifeStyle Sisters, Shiau Lee & Yen as pictured above because they are like the one of the nicest & down to earth people I've ever met. Meeting them & warming up to their friendly service & friendship makes me super comfortable even though I was the only hijab blogger invited. All the other bloggers are super fashionable too, mind you and you can also meet them up that day! 

MAGLifeStyle brand is actually owned by Shiau Lee & Yen, they started together about 3 years ago with Magazine Boutique in Bangsar, Jalan Telawi 2. It's situated right above KK Mart, across from Devi's Mamak Restaurant. Magazine Boutique is quite well known & an avid sponsors of celebrities including Ana Dahlia, Atilia Haron & many more. These celebrities even comes in to purchase at Magazine Boutique for casual wear, events & awards, simply because of the high quality of their product at an amazingly low price (compared to most boutiques). Their price range starts from RM39 - RM399, and they offer sizes from S - XL. From shoes, to bags, accessories, dresses, jackets.. You name it! And they also have scarves, wide cotton shawls that my hijab-clad readers are familiar with ♥

Colors are definitely their forte, but for Fall Collection 2013 they are focusing more on monochrome, burgundy & neon shades. I think their clothes are quite wearable and they also promised me there will be lots of long pants, palazzos, long skirts & dresses for their modernly modest customers. I'm quite fond of the lace dress in the first pic, I might just have it! ♥

So girlfriends, friends, boys & girls, do email me if you are keen on RSVP-ing & meet me in person for a chit-chat where we can play dress-up that day together! RSVP at


♥ ♥ ♥


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