How to Look Cool and Relax for an Outdoor Summer Picnic

If it’s summer and the weather is nice outside, then this marks the perfect opportunity for a picnic. It is a great way to relax and enjoy a nice day’s out. However, in order to do so you need to make sure that you are wearing the right outfit. Here are a few suggestions that can help.

1. Be casual
When it comes to selecting a nice outfit for a picnic, you need to think practical. Casual clothes are a great idea because they allow you to move freely. You can emulate your street style if you like and this way you can still look as stylish as you want. A simple t-shirt or tank top will look great when combined with a pair of jeans or capris.

2. Summer dresses
Usually, a dress doesn’t make the most ideal choice because it can restrict the movement. It also becomes very difficult to enjoy some of the classic picnic activities such as dancing or playing games. However, a summer dress that allows you to bend, stretch and move around freely can be a good solution.

3. Comfy shoes
High heels or anything similar would be a big no-no at a picnic. They simply are not comfortable enough, especially when you consider that you might have a long walk ahead of you before you find the right spot. Therefore, you will want to select something that is gentler on your feet – a pair of fit flop sandals, tennis shoes, sneakers, flats, etc.
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