REVEL in Levi's, ladies.

In the fall of 1934, the Levi’s® brand took a risk that forever changed the course of women’s fashion by introducing the first jeans for women - Lady Levi’s® jeans. Today, the brand that invented women’s jeans and set the new standard in fit with Levi’s® Curve ID in 2010, once again helps women find the perfect fitting jeans with the launch of Levi’s® Revel jeans.  


Fueled by a quest to create the “perfect jeans,” Levi’s® Revel offers patent-pending shaping technology, the highest-quality denim fabric, and innovative design details, all in an engineered fit that helps women around the globe look and feel their best everyday. The Levi’s® design team was inspired by a woman’s desire for comfortable jeans that enhance her shape while highlighting her best features. After years of development and hundreds of fittings around the globe from San Francisco to São Paulo, Stockholm to Shanghai, Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, the Levi’s® team is proud to introduce Levi’s® Revel jeans. 

Leveraging the groundbreaking Levi’s® Curve ID fit system, Levi’s® Revel jeans offer curve-specific fits and design details to enhance a woman’s body. Available in Slight, Demi and Bold Curve, Levi’s® Revel gives women a custom-like fit that eliminates the most common fit frustrations.  Contour finishing, elongated seaming and pocket placement are all strategically designed for the most figure-flattering fit. A range of finishes, washes and colors are available in both skinny and straight leg openings to provide a wide assortment of Levi’s® Revel fits for women worldwide. 

Honestly I don't know how they do it, constantly creating & designing new technologies for jeans. I mean to me, they are all the same, jeans are jeans are jeans. I'm pretty sure you feel the same way. At first I doubted the whole liquid thingy a lil bit, I even inspected & touched the jeans trying to feel where's the liquid?! Now you know why I am not in the jeans business, aye? Luckily they put up several booths for us ladies to try on them Revel jeans, I'm not much of a fan for jeggings or jeans like leggings.. I mean jeans that stretches like leggings.. I personally despise those!

Instant love.. It was not like any other jeggings or denim leggings of some sort. It's just like my favorite kinda tough denim but with better feel I simply don't know how to describe. The best way is for you guys to look out for Levi's Revel campaigns happening around the city malls and try them on. Seriously, no purchase needed. JUST.TRY.THEM.ON! And you'll get what I mean.

And if you are curious, I was wearing these that day: Glitter scarf by @hush_bysuriaryani (instashop) / The Pop Look wrap jacket & Lestari necklace / Guess watch 

Don't forget to check 'em REVELs (retailing at RM299) once they are in store this September onwards! ♥


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