REVIEW: Nokia Lumia 925 Photography

As a full-time fashion & lifestyle blogger (and a vain lady at that, ehem!), I must say the first thing I considered of when I was handed Nokia Lumia 925 is the CAMERA. Let's face it, being a blogger requires you to document images in the best way that you can at all times and I can't deny I sometimes sorta despise (sssshhh!) carrying around my compact camera eventhough it's not as bulky as a DSLR some bloggers carry around. But hey I'm a girl, and sorta love holding small cute clutches and wearing sky high heels although it's a complete torture, and swinging out a bulky cam is not as cool as carrying a thin & reliable smart phone which allows you to take high quality photos & edit them at the same time. So yeah, back to the subject;


I have no idea what does all that technical jargon means, let's explore the window:


As you can see, the NOKIA LUMIA 925's camera is very customizable for a smart phone (mind you this is my first experience with a Lumia & Windows 8 Phone, the last Nokia I knew doesn't even have touch screen, remember those days?). I'm quite impressed though I wish the camera would focus upon touch instead of instantly capturing. My personal favorite is the Focus Assist Light, which definitely helps brighten up the subject without leaving a white flash, I mean no one wants to look like a white ghost definitely not moi! But that's just the DEFAULT camera, read on to find out more whether or not we can further custom the settings. You'll be surprised ;)

Let's move on to CHANGE LENS option, now what in the world is that??
I've installed a number of camera/photo apps into my Lumia 925, upon recommendation of the Nokia Store itself. Let's choose SophieLens for NOKIA!
In the store, as usual you can make purchase of other filter packs provided. Now that's something I'm familiar of! 
Cool, huh? You ain't seen NOTHING yet!

After a few days, I learned that there's another camera which is PRO CAM. You're gonna love this feature if you love playing with camera!

Slide camera icon to the left, which will reveal:

Nokia Pro Cam is definitely my most favorite feature in Lumia 925. This is where you have ultimate control over the photos you are going to capture, including low light photos! Check these examples out:

Impressed yet? ;)

I'm not finish! Next most fascinating camera feature is NOKIA SMART CAM:
This is actually a music video of Rihanna and some guy which is playing on TV while I capture it..

From here, Nokia Smart Camera gives you options on what to with the image, check it:
There are 5 available options for you to edit the photos and the best thing is that after one option is chosen & the photos has been saved, YOU CAN DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN! The original image is kept so that one sequence of photos can create 5 different image. My favorite has got to be the ACTION SHOT. Check out some of my favorite ACTION SHOT photos:

For the other options example, watch this video:

Honestly, after learning about the camera's awesomeness, I am more than willing to get myself used to Nokia's Windows Phone which was once alien to me. At first I resented the idea of having to learn a whole new OS, but really it was quite easy! If I can drink it in from zero, why can't you? ;) and as a social media freak who has to be constantly online & on the go, I appreciate the one stop panel that puts my Facebook, Twitter & Google account all in one page just by clicking my face there:

One swipe to the left and I'll have the list of all the other apps in the Lumia, anyways what would a social media gal do without her instagram? Where else can we share our #selfies guys?? No worries peeps, download 6Tag, instagram client for Windows Phone 8 (and follow me @amischaheera)

Intrigued? You haven't even heard the price yet.. For a such an amazing device that captures spectacular photos in bright & low light photography, easy to navigate operating system and not to mention sleek & modern body design, I would've guess it's price to be above RM2k, but hey boy was I wrong!

Head over to for more info on how to get one!
(and also do help click like on my photo which was used as their facebook cover, it would mean a lot :))

View my other photos using Nokia Lumia 925:
{ WIWR }

Amacam? Best kan #Lumia925? ;)
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