FEATURED: WHI TV3 for Dream Cloud by Natasha Hudson

On my way to Sri Pentas, TV3 while rockin' my new Alexander McQueen shades which I scored at super low price of RM53! It was on SUPER SALE on Reebonz from RM1k+ to RM250, so glad that I have a credit of RM197. You'll get credits if a friend you invited makes a purchase. So I just bought it at that. Happiest purchase ever, my first McQueen. And so lovin' the ombre detailing ♥
If you want an invite to Reebonz, just leave your email add below! :)

Before the show starts, with Alex Gun (my friend who also works at TV3 as fashion stylist), Tasha & Didi. Honestly I'm only helping out Tasha since I have free time anyways but she's the best friend ever for still giving me a token of appreciation. Felt like I want to cry at that moment itself huahua *drama queen*

Wow, what's with the face AMI? Chill ~_~" Oh! On my left is a model for Kak Farah, love the abaya, perfect for formal events. Whilst Tasha's brand DREAMCLOUD's top & hijab can be used for a more relaxed wear :)

Kak Farah who was a famous singer with the song Bagaikan Putri back in the 90s has also started her own store & clothing line. So inspiring to see these celebs going into muslimah fashion ♥

My first time seriously modeling on TV, if it was someone else I would've probably turned down the offer but since Tasha is a friend I mean why not right? It wasn't so bad after all.. Only that I don't really know where to look at lol.. More funny faces down below -_-"

Standing beside the real model Didi ofcourse I felt tiny, who wouldnt! Hahahahahaha *nervous laugh* how pretty are Kak Farah's models? Lookin' uber sweet in their abayas.

Thanks to Lily Diana for snapping these photos for me ♥

Pic snapped by Nisbatul again! The sweetest gal ever for watching me on WHI. Puffy cheeks reprezentin'! I love my make-up that day, okay I did my own makeup but the wonderful TV3 makeup artist accentuated my eyebrows and did my eyeliner, basically some much needed touch-ups. 

And I love the purplish mauve lip color I used from this Sephora set Naz gifted me for my birthday ♥
Tiba2 cakap pasal mekap, eh!

Anyways, after the show; with Kak Farah & her model and Tasha ♥

Bought these books from Dakwah Corner bookstore in Seksyen 14 PJ, thanks to Tasha for introducing me to this bookstore. Sooo many good things! ♥

My beloved sister who always reminds me to take extra care of myself, reminds me of beauty of Islam and how insignificant we are in the world. Love you Tasha sweetie ♥♥♥

Myspace shot hewhewhew XD

So in looove with my new H&M textured pants ♥ ♥ ♥

And ofcourse by my new love tribal batik wedges from Calaman! So comfy & light ♥

Going back to my hometown for a few days :)
Net scarf OLD BLOSSOM BOX / Peplum blazer @yaypeach instagram / Pants H&M / Tribal Batik Wedges CALAMAN / Polkadot tote bag, door gift from Aldo event / Crown bag tag, ADR for H&M, doorgift from H&M event / Elle luggage bag, lucky draw from Parkson event.

Luna Skye from dreamcloud on Vimeo. Styling by me ♥

Luna Breeze from dreamcloud on Vimeo. Styling by me ♥

LOL at this! Thanks dD for the snap, jelingan manja namanya hahahaha XD

Anyways to find out more about Dream Cloud by Natasha Hudson;
INSTAGRAM: @natashahudson & @dreamcloudbynh



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