EVENT: Jovian Mandagie AVI-RAYA Couture Show

I still remember those moments when Kish asked me & our girlfriends to follow Jovian Mandagie on instagram. We were all excited about his raya fashion show and wanted an invite. Well who wouldn't right? Especially fashion geeks like us. Back then I didn't even know he had an instagram so I was pretty stoked to find out that this renowned couture designer has one, I commented on his page asking for an invite since he was giving it out. To my surprise he visited my page and commented back on this styling I did (the yellow blazer + Moschino shirt I wore to Reebonz), he was impressed and asked Adlina to contact me. And that was how Jovian Mandagie came to know lil ol' Ami Schaheera back in June 2012 :)

What I wore that night, my wedding dress & accessories from Rico Rinaldi ♥

The show was held in Musuem of Royal Airforce in Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur. EPIC was the only word to describe the night!
Dressed to impress, well who wasn't? ;)

We were all super excited lil kids in a playground seeing all the aircrafts on the grounds of the museum, perfect for a photo opp ofcourse! XD

At VABENE booth outside the museum, they have some pretty nice watches & shades you should check out ♥

The show started off with boys in camo cargo pants & tanktops carrying around bottles of perfume, it's Million Gold from Jovian Mandagie's own mother's perfume line. Business minded family aye? ;)

The fashion show opened with Janissa from JovianRTW, fell in love with it in that instant!

It was so hard to take photos under the dim light with all the models moving super fast to the beat of the music. Understandably JovianRTW itself has about 30 looks back then and afterwards the couture line seems like an endless parade of magic! I enjoyed every moment of it ♥

The JOVA everyone was raving about till now.

Jovian Mandagie AVI-Raya Couture line ♥

Favorite looks;

Rightfully deserved standing ovations.

The man himself giving his closing speech, I think by this point everyone in the hall was buzzing with pure awe and excitement after seeing such beautiful creations. It's always interesting & inspiring to see something which started from just a creative idea transformed beautifully into a whole line of wonderful magical clothes, thinking about the whole creative process gives you a new found respect for the designer and by this I mean Jovian Mandagie himself. I would never imagine 10 years ago I'd be attending his show, like what I said to my friend, tak tercapai akal ku. Beyond my life expectations. Alas, reality is sparked from a dream. 

My friends & I with Jovian Mandagie, was affectionately surprised that Jovian remembered who I was from my instagram. The girls couldn't stop yapping about that fact for a few days. LOL XD

Jovian at the back haha, I think Erin took this photo with JM at the background intentionally hihi!

Sweetie pie Ainul Aishah ♥

LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥

Fellow blog readers ♥

It was indeed a night to remember, I was still buzzing with epic awe & excitement from watching the whole parade even a few days after. I'm pretty sure everyone else felt the same. Thank you so much to Jovian for inviting me & my friends to witness a moment to remember in fashion history. Keep on creating wonderful stuffs, keep being your humble memorable self most importantly. If you need any help styling Jovian RTW, you know who to call ;)

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Oh, thanks InTrend Magazine for the mention!

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  1. its amazing how u cud turned ur wedding dress for other function!!

  2. i like your necklace.. tapi xde pun kat rico rinaldi punya website..

    1. Try tweeting rico at @ricorinaldi and ask abt it,i beli kat boutique dia...

  3. His collection are gorgeous! Even makes me feel like wearing despite the hot weather we have in M'sia. LOL.

    As usual, you look great babe. ;)

  4. You're such a style inspiration, the only few that I look up too.
    Thanks for making Malaysia a more beautiful world.
    And Jovian's collection is amazing! Keep it up.


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