Behind The Scene: Fitting at H&M for VIP Night

Hey! Let's tell the story chronically, this is me 2 days prior to H&M KL Grand VIP opening night happily going out for a fitting at H&M Showroom. A month ago they decided to sponsor me with clothes to wear that night, MY FIRST TIME EVER BEING SPONSORED CLOTHES TO A VIP NIGHT (wait, lemme think.... hmmm by an international brand? YEAH A FIRST!) YEAY!! Can't tell ya how super stoked that I was, totally highlight of my year as a fashion blogger.

My first outfit choice, they remembered that I LOVED the pants from the H&M Media Preview! The sweetest bunch ♥ Ofcourse I love love love the sweater too but back then I know I would never fork out RM400 for a sweater regardless of how much bling it has *cries in the shower*

The second outfit choice was this fur cardigan with metal belt & black harem pants. I looove fur as well but seeming that the night gonna be crowded and all I suppose that wouldnt be the best of choice. The fur cardi was going for RM150 or something. Plus my small frame looked drowning in it. To be worn somewhere cold, well that's the dream (and hoping not to look like Cookie Monster!)

Trying on the fit, complete with boots. Boots was super comfy, except that I wished I wore it with socks to prevent abrasion on my legs from it's zipper that night. Something to remember. Boots was around RM120. Wanted a pair of pumps but they had no choice to give me since the rest of their items are already reserved for other celebrities or special guests. No I'm not complaining, I MEAN COME ON FREE STUFFS! XD

I can choose the accessories to go with the outfit as well! Already had the earrings clipped on, and saw that leather clutch. It also has a metal chain strap inside, on sale for RM249 okay this one I remember the price. Hiks!

They wanted to take a photo of full look, so this was it :)

Blings *_*

Cat mask I think it was selling for around RM30, but it's not yet available in store.

Rainbow glitter pumps, totally loving this but it's not yet to be released. ZOMG CANT WAIT!

Thanks Yani, I love over exposed photos. Can barely see that gorgeous floral dress, but I bet you can tell that it's TDF! Can wear as baju kurung some more tau!


Lin made that cute face and later asked to borrow that sweatshirt from me to wear for the VIP Night. Yep, H&M guys made a surprise and let me chose ANOTHER outfit to keep. Alhamdulillah rezeki... Nasib baik Lin buat muka cute there, rasa nak lempang lol!

HAPPY FACES, for the first time ever I felt like Andy Torres or Carolina Engman in real life! Thank you so so much H&M for the sponsorship! ♥♥♥

WHAT I WORE: Sugarscarf scarf / Retro shades / Necklace Vincci / Sweater Old Blossom Box / DIY handcuff with wired headband & brooch / Pants ZARA / Bag Charles & Keith

Shall continue with photos of the opening night & what items I got from H&M in the next entry. And good news of the week guys!
So happy that I'm chosen! Guess One To Watch official international blogger :O
Alhamdulillah syukur ♥

By the way, my blog is now:
(easier to remember I know, LOL!)



  1. Congrats on your success babe! You're my inspirtation; hopefully someday I can be like you. <3

  2. @Sam, aww thanks sweetie! I wish you success all the way okay, you're getting there already <3

  3. wowwww bestttnyaaaaa.. You look gorgeous in anything you wear ;)

  4. where to start? hmm...
    1. congrats on your Guess's One to Watch!
    2. I love that cat mask from H&M! can be use as an accessory of a cosplay suit..tihihi..
    3. and I love both of your looks (before and after)..gorgeous!


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