FEATURED: Stylist JovianRTW in WHI TV3

As it turned out, I chanced upon being called by Adlina, Jovian's PA for a feature in Wanita Hari Ini TV3 to talk about how to mix and match JovianRTW. Ofcourse, I wouldn't turn down such opportunity! In my heart dag dug dag dug ..  Can't tell ya how nervous I was XD I was told to bring a few of my stuffs to match with JovianRTW that I chose for the show. I know it was about mix & match styling, which honestly what I already have in my mind even before I bought my own Janissa. I mean value for money right?? Use each item of your clothing the the maximum! ;)

Well in my mind when I thought of Jovian Mandagie, the brand I mean (not the man!) *cough cough* I always think of elegance & classy. Something that I have always try to keep in mind when styling is what personality you are going to bring forward, if it's loud & funky then pick items that fall in that category. Sometimes it's not even that particular item (necklace, bangles etc) but instead it's a mixture of those items that makes or break the look. Owwwkay enough rambling, let's get on with pictures!

I was told to arrive at 10.30am and ofcourse I was on time, thanks to smooth LRT and taxi rides. I even got to read 50 Shades of Grey on the train. Yep, guilty of reading 50SOG. Don't judge! Hehe ^_^

I arrived in a different JovianRTW mix & match but Jovian told me to change into this. Personally I like this one better too, it personifies my colorful style & I love the fit of this blue Jareena and it's detailing. Matches perfectly with my printed harem pants which I bought from Rico Rinaldi. My only regret was that I didn't bring an extra pair of heels. But aye, looks pretty funky with green platform right?

Not sure what we were joking about :P
On my left is dearest friend, boutique owner & fashion designer Jezmine Zaidan. She was also invited to present her cute Old Blossom Box raya collections ♥

On left is Jezmine's model and I styled JovianRTW model on the right to wear cream Janiya top, paired with a straight cut colored pants and an ikat print scarf from Zara for a bit of pattern.Simple & nice, isn't it? Perfect for those open houses invitations.. Even I wore pants to match with my raya top to open house invitation last weekend. Comfort is key ;)

For the second look, to bad there was no full photo of it on the model. I mixed up two different JovianRTW which is Jozephyne brown top & Jalissa red maxi skirt. Basically you can just pair your JovianRTW with ANY skirts or pants that you have! For the more modestly covered ladies, choices are maxi skirts, straight cut pants, harem pants or even wide leg pants. As for the more modern ladies you can try it with pareo, skinny jeans or midi skirts. But ofcourse it all depends on the event that you are going to. Alas, I bet you can even wear your JovianRTW to work under a business suit!

And that epic moment when even I was asked to stand up, did a lil cat-walk of my own and posed in front of the live camera. 
It was a lil awkward at first, especially that moment that I unintentionally covered Jovian's face.. Oops sorry! That what happens when you ask an amateur to model haha. Ah well! >.<

Jovian and his signature Louboutinista, anyone who follows him on instagram @jovianmandagie would know his craze on collecting Louboutins. If you'd like an alternative for women to match that neon multi-colored sneakers, try this Sylvieta

And this is what I originally wore when I came in to TV3, my Janissa with black pants, a diamante belt & bib necklace ♥ Change into it after the show was finished.

With Jezmine cutie!

There were also some other fashion designers invited for their own mini slot about raya, including my friends below:
With the fabulous ladies of Ammara Hijabi. Love what Amal is wearing! Top to toe custom made Ammara, I want one tooooo :D and Sarah was wearing a peplum top from Ammara paired with JovianRTW skirt. Color-block for the win!

With part of 5Stars fashion designer, Zery Zamry on top photo and Hatta Dolmat at the bottom phot, nice peeps! Check out my coverage on their wonderful raya collection here.

A picture of me trying to brain-wash listeners, lol just kidding! Thanks to Nisbatul, a reader who took this picture and tagged me. So sweet ♥

With Adlina sweetie, Jovian's P.A :)

By the way, for those of you who missed watching this show you can watch the re-run on Tonton! Jovian made a huge announcement for you JovianRTW lovers:
Jovian, I'm not actually happy with this shot. I look constipated LOL! Anyways, back to the point, here is what he announced: "Today at WHI ; Mix & Match your #jovianrtw with @amischaheera ; did u hear the message? Yup!! There will be a "Jovian Raya Open House" for all my fab ladies! More info to update soon! p/s; Those who have not purchased #jovianrtw, please purchase now! it is strictly for #Jovianistas ONLY :)"

When will it be? If I'm not mistaken it's gonna be on 15th September, so if you haven't gotten your JovianRTW yet this is definitely the time. At this event we will see your creativity on styling mix & match JovianRTW. Sounds exciting right? Now when do I suppose I'm gonna get Jadore that Jovian promised? ;P

Before that, I am honestly drooling over this Jovanita!!! Don't think I can wait till AidilAdha *wipes off drool on face*
This is probably the best yet from JovianRTW that I've seen;
> 3D rosette detailing on shoulder and a lil bit on wrist.
> Mini peplum effect for the top.
> And MY GOD the prints! The prints is TO DIE FOR! Very Alexander McQueen  ♥♥♥

Jovian, can I have it already? Ngaaaaaaaaaa...............

More pictures of that day on my facebook.


  1. makin melimpah-limpah rezeki!!taniah kak ami! ^_^

  2. hi sis, I like your emerald green shoe..Gorgeous!!

  3. I like your emerald green shoe..GORGEOUS!!!


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