WIWT / EVENT: Biker Chic @ AvengersWithHarley

Was invited to join the event and was told to wear red, blue & white in respect to the colors of Captain America. I already had this in mind once I received the invitation. Wore my brand new Levi's denim chambray that I bought using the RM450 voucher I won through their Levi's x Tongue in Chic competition. Layered on a sleeveless thrifted blazer, have had this blazer for ages but didn't know what to wear it with. Now that I've tried it on, I have a million and one ideas on how to style it. 

Almost sold away these old Nine West metallic + leather heels, thank God I changed my mind.
DIY-ed this faux leather clutch within 30 mins in the morning before we went out, will blog on the tutorial later once I've posted of all the events I went last weekend. Big enough to carry all my junks (iPAD, make-up bag, the diamante waist belt I tossed later in the day and my purse).
Borrowed husband's watch again + my own skin Swatch + mom's Hajj bracelet tag saying Malaysia + friendship bracelets from Malacca + Minz necklace turned bracelet. Double the time.

Calculating my budget on buying a Harley..... NOT.
Face cannot get more Ella than this.
I won Naz the Harley Davidson cap from the pop quiz they held during the event (ofcourse, lunch was served complete with spaghetti, sandwiches, springrolls and Krispy Kreme donuts!).
One rockstar pose for Captain America, come to think of how much of a gentleman and old school he is, this pose was hardly appropriate.
When I tweet/instagram you guys to join a competition from Naza, YOU JOIN! It's so easy to win and you can get a day of being treated like a VIP or get to watch an awesome movie in IMAX 3D for free, como este! A girl and her boyfriend saw my instagram and they won, so satisfying to know someone actually takes an effort. Thanks for saying HI girl, so glad you did! Very much aware of my favorite straight cut jeans from ZARA has holes on them, therefore I wore a pleather black leggings inside. Sorry to disappoint you, no my knees are not that black.
Honestly, he was the one who wants to take a picture with me.. Yes that's your neighborhood brooding eyed celebrity, Jehan Miskin. First sentence was all gibberish.
Free two large caramel popcorns (which I'm munching on one now!) and sodas too! :D
FOREVER ALONE. Okay not really, stood in a quiet corner while waiting for the IMAX 3D cinema hall in Sunway Pyramid to open. I would really love to chat and say hi to all the celebs and people that won the tix there sadly I really need to work on my social skills. I just get way too starstrucked with celebrities and mumble words before I shut up and run away. Too many awkward silences when chatting up a stranger too. Should really get out more often :P but oh the ladies from Ecosphere (Aishah) and a lady from Harley Davidson was really nice, shout outs to y'all! ♥

Anyways, the movie was awesome! I read a few complaints or critics before, about it being a tad boring on the first part but that was not the case for me. I actually enjoyed every single minute of the movie, watched in an IMAX 3D cinema lagi! Can't complain at all.. The whole experience has renewed my faith on cinemas, full packed action movie like The Avengers deserves to be watched in high def, withsuper high quality surround sound system and in 3D. There's nothing else just like it. If you have watched The Avengers in a normal cinema, watch it again please in IMAX 3D. 

Husband's Rayban aviator & Chanel Rouge Allure No. 75 ♥

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  1. kak'ami loveeee style
    kak' ami u ROCK.... <3
    selalu sukaa kakak...

  2. hubby x jeles ke JM ajak amik gambar? hehe.. loved ur lips color!

    1. i was just joking je lah! haha.. tapi kalau yea pun, hubby seorang yg cool setakat bergambar je takpelah kan ;)

  3. I think this is your best hijab yet!

  4. Gorgeous :)
    Your pose at that Harley was so "Menggemaskan"

    Come visit my blog if you don't mind, sis :)


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