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It is officially May—more than six months since the spring 2012 runway shows have wrapped—so it’s probably a safe assumption that by now, the words “digital print”, “pastels”, and “athleticism” have been permanently etched into your brain. Over the last few months, we’ve seen countless editorials featuring models in sweet, macaron-inspired shades of rosewater and crème de pistachio, posing against lavender-washed skies; streetstyle photography of explosive print after explosive print all piled together have surely reached a new high. But what to make of this “new athleticism” trend? For one, the mere mention of “sport” and “fashion” immediately conjures up an unpleasant image of mesh sport jerseys-cum-dresses (yes, those), and how can you really tell when the look makes the trip from sport-infused fashion to—well—just a trip to the gym?

Indeed, the trend that many have dubbed “sport luxe” is a tricky new fashion territory to navigate, so it is best to consult the mapmakers of the trend—in this case,Alexander WangRag & BoneAntonio Berardi, andMarc Jacobs—before setting off on your expedition. Upon close inspection of the aforementioned runway collections, one item quickly emerges out of the mesh, exposed zippers, and nylon windbreakers to claim a place among this season’s must-haves: the track pant (even Gucci, the reigning definition of sexpot-glam, sent side-striped slim trousers stomping down the catwalk). 
Before you go dashing off to dig out your old Umbro side-striped tearaways from 9th grade, consider this golden rule with which to tackle your fashion + sport equations: strike a balance. What this means is to simply offset the athleticism of the track pants with something feminine, glamorous, or luxurious in order to achieve a balance through juxtaposition. For example, a hooded sweatshirt paired with track pants misses the mark, but a breezy chiffon blouse helps to soften the look without breaking a sweat. Still apprehensive? Here are three easy ways to rock a winning look in track pants: with A) prints, B) colour, and C) tailoring.
Look 1: Monochromatic Superstar If bold brights aren’t your thing, then mixing prints and textures in a clean black-and-white palette may just be your ticket to the track-pants train. Look for a printed or colour blocked blouse with contrasting finishes (collar, cuffs, etc) and top off with punchy-hued accessories, like bright sunnies or nail polish.

Look 2: Saccharine Sport Another great way to make your track pants runway-ready is to incorporate a soft, feminine palette. Luckily, with all the pastel hues that floated down the spring runways, finding a sweet shade should be a piece of mint-frosted cake. Snap up a pastel colour-blocked top and—fun tip—vie for a crewneck as it will allow you to add one more element of colour through an embellished collar.

Look 3: Tailoring Overtime For those looking to incorporate the track pant into your office wardrobe, playing the tailoring card is your best bet. A structured garment, such as a blazer or waistcoat, instantly dresses up the ensemble and makes it work-appropriate as well as evening-ready. Of course, heels are a no-brainer for giving a sports-infused look that extra sartorial oomph, but a lush pair of le smoking slippers are an equally glam (and probably far more comfortable) option for footwear.
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So, what's your take on the whole SPORTS LUXE trend? Do you like it? Or do you like it, like it? Which is your favorite? Least favorite? Are you gonna try it? Tell me or I'll die. Die, I tell ya, not live. J/K!

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  1. Great post! I like look one better on you! Would you like to follow each other?

  2. Hi, i would like to say, i love your hijab style and how you modify it to fit the latest rends. i was wondering if you could do a tutorial video of certain or favourite hijab style of yours. because i am just starting to wear them (mostly of fridays) but i got no clue how to wrap over my head. so could you, thanks :)

    1. salamd ear, here are the hijab tutorials I've done in the past:
      Since the last one I've worn so many hijab styles - some are harder to emulate and some are more simple. Nowadays I lean towards simple hijab styles. Anyways hope you can try out the ones I made in the past and maybe I can make more soon insyaAllah :)

  3. Nice fashion.. Look great

  4. Completely love this post! you have such a good writing an humor about fashion.
    I don't like the track or athletic only belongs in the gym!!


    1. Hahaha thanks for finding humor in this post! :)

  5. don't die! i'll let you know :D
    i dont really like the side-stripes pants, looks like you are going to do jogging in the morning , but... i love the way you pair the sporty jacket with mint skirt, give a touch of sporty on the feminine look. :)

  6. At first, I did not like this look @ all!!! But it has really grown on me...especially considering I'm a DIEHARD athlete that loves FASHION!! Perfect trend for muah!!! And I love both looks on you...I can't choose....

    Happy Blogging....


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