EVENT: Date with HijUp Indonesia & Hijabista Mag Launching

No no no, this is Ami. Not Yuna. Hahahaha!
But, just like Yuna I am in love with clashing prints and vibrant colors, as evidential from my past outfits. And very much mutual love for leopard prints as well. Not my first time wearing a pink fuschia lips either + surely not my first time sporting a turban style. But ofcourse, since I have such similar taste with the awesome songbird, her style is indeed an inspiration to me.When do I get to hang out with you again girl?! Anyways I wore this colorful outfit to a date with reps from who came all the way from Indonesia just to have breakfast with us and also for Hijabista Magazine soft launch in PWTC.

Thanks to Aishah for this lovely shot, if you were wondering we actually took the train to PWTC ;) Wearing the black version of this pair of Calaman heels, just couldn't resist.
With reps, Diajeng & Zara ♥ Should've worn this pink pumps instead huh?
How awesome is HijUP's business card? Love the curved edges and their modern minimalistic logo!
Handmade flower friendship ring made by Miss Marina, available at
Super excited to be riding the train! It has been so looooooong, well actually last time I rode them was when I went to Suri & Lana event (I stumbled and was very much lost at the new & improved system haha). Even the girls from Indonesia were excited as well, that lovely girl with pink black striped hijab is actually a French girl interning with She flew in from Paris just for a few months of internship, you've probably seen her on HijUP's styling videos. Surprised? IKR!!!
Walking on the junction towards PWTC, not sure what we were so hyped up about. LOL!
The doorgift from Hijabista Magazine(Yay! Another tie-dye scarf from Dian Pelangi!). We were actually invited as special VIP guests, sounds fancy huh? Well, I'm very much honored to be included honestly ♥
Speech from the Chief Editor of Hijabista Magazine, Kak Suzi. She's so cute! Love her whole get-up, as you can see better a few pictures below :)
Fashion show by AllyaMysaraCouture. Really love the casual colourful bubbly outfits, that blue velvet slinky dress and the poofy black skirt. Don't be surprised that the people behind this label are actually two very handsome males, and they did the styling too! Feeling slightly inferior now... Haha
The hardworking & creative people behind Hijabista Magazine ♥
Kak Suzi handing over appreciation gifts to the VVIP guest Datin NorJuma. Straight after this the whole Scarflet girls were called up on the stage with all the other VVIP guests including celebs to officiate the whole launching. But after the officiation, we were told to stay behind while singer Farah Asyikin belts out a song on stage. Felt slightly awkward but ofcourse I clapped my hands and swayed to the beat a lil. My cheeks could not have been more blushing pink lolz!
Afterwards we moved to Hotel Seri Pacific for a luncheon, a group shot is particularly compulsary! So sorry Irma Hasmie, my head covered your face... eep!
With sweet darling Diana Amir, the face of Hijabista Magazine first edition. So in love with her down to earth demeanour and style, very inspiring ♥
Girls will be girls will be girls, when there are cameras around what else do you do?
With Fira (who is now recuperating from an appendix surgery she just had a few nights ago, get well soon baby girl!), both of us are wearing ZAWARA exclusive sequin top. A modest clothing line, coming soon...
With Aishah, The Hijab Diaries icon. Love her geometric rock ring ♥
BFF since '97! Wynn is one of the model on the fashion show, glowing mommy to be ♥
With cutesy pie Ika Radiusite, she's the sweet girl who gifted me this floral neon blazer bought all the way in London while on her Euro trip just cause she saw I posted this. Such a sweetheart!! ♥ Also at this point, you might have realized that my turban has started to unravel to look like Medusa's demonic hair. YUNA Y UR TURBAN ALWAYS LOOK SO PERFECT?
Super tired yet blissful ♥ leopard scarf was part of haul from Bandung, cuff from DIVA and Casio watch from Urban-Retro
Was so happy and grateful to be part of two amazing events, wishing all the best to both HijUP (Indonesian modest clothing curator) and Hijabista magazine (first modern hijab fashion magazine, even if you are not wearing hijab you can still read this coz the styling is modern and very informative!)

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  1. patutla that lady in black mcm familiar. awynn ke..untung betul takde morning sickness, boleh freelance lagi.. ami, u look stunning as always, nnt tlg make over aku ye.huahuahua.. u go girls! <3

    1. yew laa wynn hehehe.. nak makeover guano lagi ni haha thanks ima :))

  2. bestnya dear . and you look gorgeous :D <3 <3

  3. you all look so adorable and colourful. and oh, i really love that coat on you Ami. I've always been a fan of how you do your daily wear. <3
    i've heard of hijabista magazine in facebook. it's a shame that i won't be able to read it because i am from the philippines. T_T well, i hope one day, the magazine will pave its way to the phils tho.

    xx, Kai

    1. thank you so much Kai :)
      Maybe you can try and message Hijabista on facebook whether they can deliver the magazine to you?

  4. Replies
    1. thank you Ayyman, if you want to buy the same watch just let me know and I'll hook you up :)

  5. What a flattering silhouette!

  6. Hey hey, it's Meriem the girl with pink balck, cute !

    I think my cousin will be very jealous of your watch, she loves this kind of watch ;)

    You have a lovely style .

    1. you know Meriem? what a small world! If your cousin wants to buy the same watch let me know I can hook you up ;)

  7. you all look BEAUTIFUL!! mA and i love that first picture =D


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