EVENT: Woman of Malaysia Birthday Bash

I actually wore THREE second hand items I acquired recently, can you guess which one? ;)

So earlier last month I received an invitation from dear Shafiqah Shafie regarding Women of Malaysia's 1st year anniversary celebration. Of course after reviewing my schedule, I said yes! I can still remember me & Eyqa going to WOM's studio for our interview & photoshoot. I bundled up a bunch of Schanaz Scarves for the shoot and manage to drape one on MizzNina! Good times ♥

Anyways, there were a mini bazaar and also a fashion show! Met lots of amazing people and ofcourse the highlight is meeting Auntie Kunumz and daughter, Yuna.
People kept saying we look so much alike, okay honestly if we were sisters; I would be the younger one right? RIGHT? Come on now! 

Another highlight would be having to watch IAMJETFUEL SHOP SS12 collection on the runway ♥
I want all of the items! Especially the tie dye maxi dress, only for the obvious reasons. It's green (cantchu see how much I love the color?), it's tie dye and colorful and love love love. It's also a cheaper version of ZARA. Heh heh, sorry Adriani who actually bought the real one from Zara. I'm a bit thrifty sometimes :P

Your models are fierce and so full of spirits Yuna! 
Well, actually lighting in the room was not so good so I had to use my flash, I wasn't really satisfied looking at them in my camera but it actually looks pretty cool and nice and weird like that with all that light trail & leaks. LOVING IT.

With Shafiqah Shafie, the founder of Women of Malaysia. Congratulations on a year full of success, wishing you more and more wonderful years to come ♥

With glowing mommy to be Adriani ♥ How could we forget to take proper pics together?? 
Sisters Yani & Tita ♥
Aina is wearing Fareena Double Fin Skirt from my shop, check it out. Last few pieces left!
Not your average jane, Hanie Hidayah.
Sarah, 1/2 of Ammara Hijabi

Had a blast of time that day, friends, cupcakes and fashion show are purrrfect combination ;) Even manage to snag a beautiful floral scarf that day! Thank you so much for inviting me Shafiqah, find out more about Women of Malaysia here:

More photos of the event available { here! }

Earlier in the day while my make-up was still fresh :P


  1. Yuna wore the same outfit for konsert mania. Guess she rush from one event to another.

    But when I first saw her I thought she's wearing dian pelangi. Tak tau pulak its from iamjetfuel.

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    1. you have to follow us on twitter & facebook dear :)
      btw comment in the next entry pls. tq so much!


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