Food & Fashion

You might not know this about me but I am such a foodie, I loooooooooove food! And a few months recently I have take up cooking, another hobby that I find satiates the desire of the domestic goddess I should be since I'm no longer a working class lady. Here are some of the foods I've cooked up recently;
I really enjoy cooking for the fact that I can control how much nutrients (basically I just pile on all the veggies I  can) and avoid MSG or chemical products as much as possible (oh well I try). Usually my cooking is pretty simple & basic, I make sure I will have a good amount of protein & carb in one dish for a balanced meal. I also cook using olive oil, even our Prophet S.A.W takes in olive oil in his daily diet:

And to marry my love for fashion & food simultaneously, I especially adore Miss Moss's Food & Fashion Mash-up series, even much more that she also includes the links to the recipe!
Recipe: The Softest Scramble Food photo by Peden + Munk / street style by Lee Oliveira

Recipe: Cherry-Almond Focaccia Food photo by Ditte Isager/street style by Le 21eme Arrondissement

Recipe: Watercress Soup Food photo by Jason Lowe / street style by The Sartorialist

Story: Schmear Campaign Food photo by Romulo Yanes / street style by The Sartorialist

Recipe: The Smoothest Flan Food photo by Peden + Munk / street style by Team Peter Stigter

Recipe: White Bean and Tuna Salad with Parsley Vinaigrette Food photo by Romulo Yanes / street style by Streetfsn

Cool aye? Both the food photo & street style photos just draws me in, I find inspiration in things like this. As for the recipes that I use, usually I find them on the internet. Internet is basically the most generous 'guru' if you know where & what to search. I basically self-taught myself sewing through the internet! Not that I'm a bad ass perfect tailor now but working on it still. Some of my most favorite cooking shows would be hands down Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals (his book is on my birthday wishlist ;)), Nigella Bites, Chuck's Day Off, sometimes MasterChef Australia (both the kids & adults version) and also 5 Rencah 5 Rasa (so glad this show will be joining AFC soon!).. Aah the joy of cooking, if you like to be tortured with my food posts you can follow me on instagram (or if you don't own android or iPhone just stalk me here): amischaheera

So.... what's cookin' today?

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