WIWT: Ocean Blue + Amber Chia

Took this shot at home, after the Women Of Malaysia meet-up. And after I did a hijab tutorial for this style, hence a lil different than the ones posted below;
WHAT I WORE: Schanaz Scarf in Ocean Blue ♥ super loving the vibrant color! | Chunky necklace from Stellar | Neon yellow scarf bought online | Grey long sleeved shirt from MNG | Nude brown drape dress from Oh Popsicles | Light brown buttoned cardi from The Shoplifter's supplier ages ago | Orange ring from The Curve, RM10 | Suede bag from Oh Popsicles RM35 | Peach pants bought online | Miu Miu wannabe pumps, coming soon to Shop SputnikSweetheart |

Inspired by this color scheme ♥

A looser rendition of my first Knotted Hijab Tutorial;
I present to you my Layered Knot Hijab Tutorial

Went to Phileo Damansara with Eyqa for a discussion with the editor of Women of Malaysia magazine. I honestly thought we were gonna do the shoot then & there but I was so wrong T_T Atleast got to spend some time with Eyqa :)
Eyqa, Shafiqah of Women of Malaysia & me.

We had our lunch at Secret Recipe, I've never had their Green Curry Chicken before and it tastes good. A lil spicy but nothing that I can't bear. And the portion was quite large, ended up canceling our Banana Split coz even Eyqa had to help me finish up the curry hohoho!
Bumped into Amber Chia who was sitting outside, she just finished her photoshoot with Women of Malaysia; she's the Woman of The Month for May. Do wait out for Women of Malaysia first issue coming out this May 2011 ♥

Photo-gedik session while waiting for Eyqa in the car ^_^ dah pandai dah! Thanks to this new contact lense I'm wearing, made my eyes bigger. Love that the green color is super subtle.
Thanks Eyqa for a wonderful day. Love ya!



  1. awhh i love the second picture! you look very cute! :)

  2. agghhhh i like the color combo alot i feel so jeles rasa macam nak amik eraser and erase all the colors in your outfit. lol, busuk hati kan i?

    T_________T rindu nak sekoplet outing. janggan pinggirkan daku ami

  3. @emmy, come to OBB this saturday pls! and bring ur mom + sister + nephews if u have too <3

  4. mcm tau2 je my nephwes + sister ada tgh menyemak kat rumah..yup i was thinking to go there too....insyaAllah i dtg :)

  5. Ami, the colour combo is neat! and it's so you at the same time. Creative betul ami ni :)

  6. gorgeous! smemangnya indah utk d pndang.. (n_n)

  7. @cik seri, aww terima kasih <3

  8. yup, love d colours combo here! huhu jmp amber..mau jugak r "^^

  9. suke tengok style kak ami.
    so cute suara akak.
    dapat 1 lagi style baru bertudung.
    tyvm kak ami..
    hope to see you this saturday..


  10. great color combination ami! btw, i love ur gedix session photos! so cute!! resembles japanese anime :)

  11. You both are soooo pretty in the last picture!!

  12. as salam ami..your pic in my blog..if sudi jengguk2la..he3..


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