Knotted Hijab Tutorial

Knotted Hijab Tutorial from Ami Schaheera

I'm wearing a vintage top, pearl brooch from Sabah & diamante chained brooch from Diva, Schanaz Silk Satin Scarf and a few random pins.

Music by Mindy Gledhill - All About Your Heart

I've been very busy lately, infact weekends are my busiest times compared to weekdays. So Schanaz Scarfs Batch 2 is already finished (8 new colors, 4 repeat colors), currently doing quality control (snipping off extra threads from the stitches, removing any gold dubai silk imprints from the fabric) and then steam-ironing & packing them. Alas, I'm doing this all alone therefore it's gonna take awhile. Pictures of new colors has already been taken over the weekend, shall edit & upload it for Batch 2 insyaAllah tonight or tomorrow morning. I do have an event to go to tonight, so if it so happens that I'm able to publish Batch 2 before I go out please wait for my reply after I come back home :)

Did this tutorial yesterday, spontaneously wore this style of hijab to an event where Dato' Jimmy Choo was the main guest. Too bad I didn't get a chance to take a photo with him though. Shall blog more about that later. Enjoy the video! And please do credit back to my blog if you happen to upload it anywhere, thank you so much! ♥