Int. Shoe Festival & Fashion Grand Prix

Overdue post of 14th March 2011;
WHAT I WORE: Schanaz Scarf in Golden Brown, loads more available! | Vintage velvet crush dress worn as top, bought from Vintage Stellar Bazaar for RM20 | Vintage velour harem pants from The Wardrobe, also bought at Vintage Stellar Bazaar for RM38 | Miu Miu wannabe pumps | Chained diamante brooch, a birthday gift from Lady Gagamelan

Did a hijab tutorial of this look, which was posted { here }. Check it out!

I was invited by Stylo Academy for Fashion Grand Prix launching and coincidentally it ran right after International Shoe Festival launching. Minister of Tourism, YB Dato' Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen and Dato' Jimmy Choo were the main guests of the day. Too bad I didn't get any photo with them. Hope I get to meet them in any future events *hint hint*

Loving this chic bag from Fashion TV. Took a sartorialist shot of it. Turns out the owner knows my friend, haha.

Diana with the representative from YODA (Young Designers Arena) | Me & Diana.

And this tall guy who is a senior to Diana, took me by surprise when he came over and said, "I've heard a lot about you.... and your friends." Oh so I replied, "Scarflets?". And he nodded.. Ahaha I was skeptical when he said he's heard of me, I mean what did he hear, I really hoped it's nothing bad! LOL. Turns out it was about Scarflets ♥

Don't we look alike? I feel like standing next to my long lost brother. No wonder he looked so familiar as I've seen his shots in Bbaak's website. This is non other than Rico Rinaldi, aspiring fashion designer. You may check out his work & follow him here:

Girls will always be girls, mirror shots is compulsory. At Seri Pacific Hotel's washroom.

Had lunch at Ikea after the press conference & went to The Curve for a bit, I bought two rings for RM20. Yay! I have no idea why Diana looks so sensual eating a piece of french fry, she should model! XD

p/s: Will be joining Jezmine's Preloved Sale this Saturday at Old Blossom Box, Section 13, Shah Alam. Come raid my wardrobe!



  1. ohmyjimmy chooooooo!
    (kata si fazura)


    no wonder,dia msuk buletin utama mlm td.
    dia nak ambil smula penjenamaan 'jimmy choo' kt luar(kalau tak silap)..

    baguslah dia wt cmtu,mmg lgpn dia anak malaysia! i likeeeee!


  2. i like ur wear~ totally perfect!
    like da miu miu..
    btw im a new blogger
    here my blog...
    im ur follower too~

  3. @dove, betul3x :)

    @shah idros, thanks for following my blog. keep on fashion blogging! <3

  4. ami, i followed diana's blog too. She's really creative with her own-made headband!!
    so nice the gold scarf! I ade jugak tau dats colorr!

  5. ami!! thanks..
    we gonna good buddies!

  6. on earth did u get that exclusion fashion invitation? you made me feel like i wanna quit my job and become successful blogger just like you.

  7. @ladygaga, tu lah come back to blogger pls!!

    @ayu, warna golden brown ni awak ada beli gak ke? aik..

    @shah ;)

  8. exclusive* damn typo. exclusion plak.


  10. OHH gosh! that dress worn as blause is ONLY RM20...kak sgt CANTEK N BERBALOI BALOI..jeles gler nk g xjd >.<

    neway, kak hope to c u agai coz im going 2 d OBB sale ("^^) wanna buy more shoes from u!!!

  11. @suzai, dont think i'll have shoes to sell dear. but not sure abt the other 8 girls :)

  12. hye..ami.. i suke baca ur blog.. nice lah.. hehe and i love ur shawl too.. can u show how to wear that shawl?

  13. @afiqah, thanks. the link to the hijab tutorial for this style is already up there in the post :)


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