Weekend With Friends Pt. 2

WHAT I WORE: Schanaz SatinSilk Scarf in Baby Blue | Silk peach pussybow vintage top from The Shoplifters | my old Zara straight cut jeans, it has been a really long time since I last wore jeans for outing.... | Studded snake print belt from The Shoplifters | Nude brown heels from Secret Shoes Project (also, secretly my own old blogshop - no longer a secret now I guess; everything is sold out except for this Dream Walker Pumps) | Suede bag from Oh Popsicles

Chunky jewel drop brooch, wore on each side. Looooooves ♥

Went to accompany the ladies on the hunt for their perfect wedding rings. Took this photo before the lady said I can't take any. Teehee, who knew? That was my first time going inside Tiffany & Co. We also went to Cartier and then Habib Jewels. Cleaned up my solitaire wedding ring at Habib. It's sparkly clean again, in time for our 1 year anniversary this April.

Fariza testing the MAC Wonder Woman bronzer, it's super large! I'm so tempted to get one from the collection but I just spent some dough on Bobbi Brown :( Maybe next time.. Hopefully they will still have the eyeliner/bronzer or Spitfire lippie then..

We went to Al Alandalus Restaurant for some arabian food.
Wynn showing off her skills in mixing mint tea, effortless habis lettew. And her looking at Cartier & Tiffany's catalog. I say Hearts on Fire baby! Habib Jewels newest collection, sole distributor in Malaysia or Asia if I'm not mistaken.

Arabian food galore!

We didn't even plan to buy anything! But a titanium ring caught his eyes, and it is perfectly his size. So why not, as a small anniversary gift from me to him. Thank you so much for all this wondrous moments of us together, for being by my side in sickness & in health, in poor & in moderate wealth, for sticking up for me when I feel threatened, for standing by me even through my silliness, for loving me through & through no bars hold even in my ugliest moment in life. You're my best friend, you're my love. Here's a simple token of my appreciation to you, though you deserve so much more. I shall return your good deeds by being the best you want me to be, and I shall stand by you for as long as you want me to ♥

/ends cheesy drama .

Friends since '97. The ones I can tell anything to and they'll always have my back ♥ | With my own Wonder Woman. Love you guys!

EDIT: Just reached 1k blog followers, thank you so much everyone for reading. Perhaps I am doing something good here? I just created a facebook page for this blog. Do click LIKE if you like hehe. Your support is much much appreciated! Shall do a giveaway soon ;)

EDIT2: I JUST WON SOTHYS MAKE-UP SET FROM BELLA NTV7! The one Jezmine was interviewed in... EEEK SO HAPPY! Alhamdulillah :')



  1. cantiknya sis bergaya..
    btw ur fren yg pkai wig tu cntek sgt

  2. @ika, hehe comelkan wig dia. dia tak pernah potong rambut so nampak sekali skala rambut pendek comel gila.

  3. sweet sgt u ngn ur hubby..jelesnye :)

  4. Hi Ami!~

    Love love love the bow blouse:)

  5. kak ami,
    what a coincidence fro me to passed through your blog.
    i didn't know u write but i do know u have so much passion for fashion :)..

    managed to read several posts and i read about ur health battle. may Allah ease ur pain, give His protection and help u to get the best for urself. i'Allah. ameen.

    it's great to see kak wynn n kak fariza in this post too! indeed shock to see kak wynn with short hair and glad she didn't actually cut her hair short :D.

    btw, d name of d shawl u'r selling, they are gorgeous. and to top it all, it rhymes with my name! XD.

    take care kak ami, n may happiness will be with u always.

    xoxo, ex-adik dorm ;)

  6. ami,tu kak wyn.akk dora kan?comeynya dia..<3

  7. @archane, is this shahnaz?? OMG BABY GIRL WHERE U'VE BEEN?

    @faiez, yes that's dora's sister :)

    @eyda, thank u dear!

  8. :)
    i'm around kak ami.
    maybe that i was occupied so much with studies n holidays mostly spent with family that i've not been catching up with lots of people.
    alhamdulillah that long 6 years have ended -_-.
    yet, nk smbung master lagi i'Allah before end of this year :) . *guilty*

    keep on writing kak ami and i love your energy.
    stay strong love!


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