Bobbi Brown: Pretty Powerful!

So after the check-up with my oncologist, we went to Midvalley to get some things and accidentally bumped into a campaign from Bobbi Brown, what attracted me the most is this colorful eyeshadow palette... a lady approached me & asked whether I want to try this palette that they are currently promoting, and she said it's a free makeover. Well then I thought, I really love the Pretty Powerful tagline (as that was how I am feeling after the doc's check-up)... so then BRING IT ON girl! Hehe, so there goes my journey .. Luckily I was wearing very minimal make-up, a layer of powder, lipbalm & a touch of brown eyeshadow.

They took a before picture of me :) without spectacles ♥

Callie was my make-up artist of the day, she took down all my infos and cleaned up my face using Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic, and a little bit of make-up remover on the eyelid. She was super nice and explained a lot of tips & tricks about make-up. I've never even tried Bobbi Brown and this was my first time. I like the cool hydrating feeling of the toner :)

Lipbalm coz my lips were dry.

Explaining to me the importance of eye cream and concealer. True, I have quite a visible eyebags but honestly as vain as this may sound, I kinda like my eyebags >.<

After photo, do you like how I look? I love how it's quite minimal but still looks polished. It's more to enhancing what's already there instead of changing up your looks totally.

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After the makeover, I wasn't even coaxed or forced to buy anything! But Callie recommended me to buy the facial wash as a start to proper skin care but I digress and wanted the exclusive eyeshadow palette that they have coz it's sooo pretty therefore I bought that instead hehe XD

Then off to The Gardens, I went into Bimba & Lola coz I was curious of their pretty products. Mind you my first time there, so I oooh-ed and aaahhh-ed almost on each item but I love these the most *hint hint birthday in August*

Nude pink wayfarer style shades | this pretty sweet knitted cardigan

Didn't buy anything from Bimba & Lola since I've already spent on Bobbi Brown, and it's a tad pricey for my budget now :( Ahhh perhaps next time, yeah?

Bobbi Brown makes me feel Pretty Powerful *hoyeah!*