WIWT: Hana Tajima's Tea Party

I really wanna update about the tea party but first I do have a few posts that I need to do before that, but I guess you've already seen most of the pictures from all the other Scarflet sisters right? Anyways this is what I wore to the exclusive tea party;

WHAT I WORE: Ruffled silk shawl from ShawlbyVSnow | Maysaa Chiffon Snood as inner hijab | my grey Thai silk beaded solemnization top made by Mimpi Kita | Yellow chiffon beaded top from Winkstick | white bow belt | MNG/Mango Tweed Flare pants, bought at MNG clearance sale | other accessories you can't see - Nine West leopard fur embellished bag, recently added to my leopard print collection - bought at 50% off! | Nine West chunky 70's heels, I think the last time I wore this was during my post engagement photoshoot ♥

So glad I get to reuse my solemnization outfit on another special day ;)
solemnization day, view more;
post engagement photoshoot, view more;

Alright! Shall update about the tea party in my next post! Can't tell you how much gratitude I have to Hana for inviting me ♥

Behind the scenes preparation for the tea party Hana shared with us

EDIT: Full report of the event is written here. Warning: it's a very lengthy post with lots of large pics!

EDIT2: The above styleshot picture is used in WIKIPEDIA SARTORIAL HIJAB under Tudung definition. Yay!