Sheriff Luqman Turns 1

Was invited to Luqman's birthday party last Saturday, thanks Anna for having us!

Singing Happy Birthday for the boy, he's so awesomely in a good mood and very cooperative! :D

Wild Wild West theme yo!

The host & birthday boy, both looked tired after a long day :")

Cute lil Miss HoneyPokaPoka aka Fatin with her anonymous photographer friend ;)

{not proud of the way I wore my turban without covering my neck, don't copy this style dear sisters in Islam}
Anna, Fatin, Aimi Bahierah, Sha Elaiza & Lady Noe with her daughter Sabrina. Amazing ladies each in their own perfect ways, I'm humbled to be in their presence. Aimie & Sha made me wept for being super caring! Haha I'm such a baby I can cry over a simple gesture. Many would think I have this tough interior after looking at my edgy(or some would say eksyen) looking poses in my WIWT post. Whuuuuut, I can cry over an ad if it touches my heart. Just told Shea how I look all tough and all but when someone pokes me in the wrong places I'll go crying like a baby - STORY OF MY LIFE. LOL!

Me, Naz & Luqman. Both boys are super adorable, Naz really knows how to make a kid laugh and be charmed by him. Myself included ♥

Favorite photo of Luqman, and this was our last shot of him that day. Praying for all things nice in your future eh boy? Amin to that, baby ;)

p/s: Details of what I wore is posted over here.