WIWT: Color Fool

You can see me most colorful whenever I visit Old Blossom Box XD
WHAT I WORE: mossy green beaded hijab from Mimpi Kita | inner turban from Sugarscarfbyriqa | peach flowery top (Adriani has the same one in baby blue & Shea in lilac) | sunny yellow bow skirt from ILOVEPASTELINA (love child of Adriani & Shea!) | turquoise lycra maxi skirt worn underneath from Tewah, Mines | nude brown heels from SecretShoesProject

Brand new ring! Me & my Scarflet sisters have discussed that wearing a ring on index finger & middle finger on either side of hand is prohibited in Islam because it imitates the way the cursed clan of Nabi Luth.
Saidina Ali reported, He the Holy Prophet (may peace be upon him), forbade me that I should wear my ring in this (forefinger/index finger) or in that near it. ~ source

We mini celebrated Shea's birthday, it fell on 8th February :)
I gave her this horsie ring! Do take note that she only wore the ring on her middle finger for photography purpose. No-no to ring on middle finger & index finger yeah kids? :')

Love my Scarflet sisters! ♥
Lyna Kamal, Maria Elena Zarul (in Maysaa kimono wrap dress), birthday girl Shea in Diana Rikasari's top, me in my Pastelina skirt & Adriani in Old Blossom Box heels. Completely unintended combo! :D